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Our Top 9

Summer Experiences in Zuoz

There is so much to experience, discover, try - below we present our top 9 summer experiences in Zuoz.

1. Nature Trail San Batrumieu

The nature trail through the San Batrumieu floodplain on the left side of the Inn River from Zuoz in the direction of Madulain documents the renaturalization of the river. Five panels inform about the project "Aue San Batrumieu." This is based on the separation of the floodplain from the main river in the course of the great Inn correction at the beginning of the 20th century. Since the river basin was no longer flooded, numerous water-dependent animal and plant species were threatened with extinction.

In 1992, San Batrumieu was included in the "Federal Inventory of Floodplains of National Importance." In the course of the revitalization project, the floodplain was restored to its original formative power of the Inn River, so that the river could once again fulfill its ecological functions. Today, thanks to the coexistence of very dry and wet areas, a wide variety of flora & fauna once again find ideal living conditions. For example, one of Switzerland's largest populations of the rare laurel willow, the blue-green willow, and orchids such as the spotted orchid thrive here.

2. Inn Cycle Path

It is the counterpart to the Via Engiadina - the Inn Cycle Path. It leads over 520 kilometers from Maloja to Passau in Germany. The section in the Engadin, along the Inn, is a dream, and the ride through Zuoz is a highlight because the townscape is simply incomparable.

3. Off to the alp

Away from big crowds you will find these three popular destinations: the mountain hut Es-cha SAC, the alp Arpiglia and the alp Es-cha Dadour.

4. Golf

The Engadin Golf Club is the oldest golf club in Switzerland. If you play golf in the Engadin, you will be doing so in the cradle of Swiss golf and in a unique landscape. Not to mention that the balls fly further here than anywhere else - give it a try!

The 18-hole course of Zuoz-Madulain was opened in 2003 and offers exciting and varied holes for every level. At Family Golf, children make their first attempts at golf ,and there are even times when your four-legged companion is also allowed on the course.

Golf course Zuoz

Unlimited golf in the Engadin!

5. Parc da Muvimaint

At this exercise park near the Sur En restaurant, parents can relax while the little ones let off steam on the bouncy castle and make their first attempts at riding over various obstacles on the bike skill course, thus improving their riding technique and balance. Drops, bends, and small jumps can be practiced here from an early age.

6. Where professionals train ...

… families also have fun.

The inline skating route from La Punt Chamues-ch to S-chanf is 8.6 kilometers long, mostly flat, away from motorized traffic and embedded in a magnificent landscape.

The sports stores along the route offer equipment rental as well as courses under expert guidance in inline skating and roller skiing.

Engadin Skate - Skatingland (

The Engadin Skate offers a magnificent scenic backdrop, fresh mountain air, excellent infrastructure and very good surfaces.

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Engadin Skate - Skatingland (

7. Discover art

Connoisseurs know that Zuoz is an art mecca. Find out what art awaits you in Zuoz. From art in public spaces, to art in hotels, to art in numerous galleries. Every year at the end of January, a wide range of people also meet for Engadin Art Talks. An event that has made it its mission to facilitate an encounter between architects, artists, and an interested public in a unique landscape.

Art Mecca Zuoz

There is art to be discovered on almost every second corner in Zuoz

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Art Mecca Zuoz
Art illa Plaiv

Discover the diverse and traditional Engadine culture on our four cultural day trips!

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Art illa Plaiv

8. Coffee culture - from the plant to the cup

Taste freshly roasted coffee and the finest Engadin pastries and learn all about the history of coffee. Especially how the coffee bean came to Zuoz and what role the people of Engadin and Puschlav played.

Alt text

9. River rafting

The family rafting tours of the Engadin Outdoor Center lead through different rivers, depending on the water level. Either you paddle on the white water river Flaz or you choose the Inn around Zernez at the entrance of the Swiss National Park.

Both options impress with phenomenal scenery and offer fun for young and old. You pass smaller rapids, swim, and have fun on water slides. Back at the rafting base in Zuoz, you can enjoy a cold drink, a warm shower, or look at the photos of the tour.

Good to know:

  • The following is included: wetsuit, jacket, shoes, life jacket, helmet, paddle, transport from the rafting base Zuoz.
  • What to bring: Swimwear, towel, sunscreen
  • Requirements: Min. age 8 years, swimming skills recommended but not necessary, no rafting experience required.
Family Rafting - Fun for ALL
Family Rafting - Fun for ALL