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Art Mecca Zuoz

Art in Zuoz

Come with us on a tour of a special kind. There is art to be discovered on almost every second corner in Zuoz. In public spaces, in a hotel, in the lovingly designed galleries and studios.

"If it is a pleasure to enjoy the good, it is a greater one to feel the better, and in art the best is good enough."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Art Public Plaiv - art in public space

"Art Public Plaiv" is a project for contemporary art in public space between La Punt Chamues-ch and S-chanf. Here, intensive tourist use meets traditional cultural practices. The artworks developed within the framework of "Art Public Plaiv" deal with the cultural and economic demands that shape public life.

For this purpose, internationally recognized artists conceived works that make the lines of conflict in local society tangible. They pose central questions about the Upper Engadin public and its composition: Which people and which opinions come together in the holiday region? Which needs make room for themselves? What is heard? The artworks stimulate new, heterogeneous publics in order to develop the respective own in the respective foreign.

Art Public Plaiv Zuoz
Art Public Plaiv Zuoz

Stained glass window exhibition Picture Cycle "The 5 continents"

The exhibition Picture Cycle - “The 5 Continents" can be seen in the parking garage Centrel. The connection of Switzerland with the world is at the center of these stained glass windows. The first picture ("Sailor") and the last one ("India") focus on man and his culture respectively. The other three tell of the essence of nature in the respective regions of the earth depicted: of the dense "jungle" in South America, of the primitive world of "Africa," and of the endless expanse of the far north in the picture "Eskimo."

In total there are 24 works of glass art to admire in Zuoz. They can be found in the churches San Luzi, Santa Chatrigna and San Bastiaun, in the community center, in the parking garage Centrel, and in the Lyceum Alpinum.

Glass painting, Zuoz

Exhibition painting cyles from artist Gian Casty / Zuoz

Art in the Castell

The Castell alone is a work of art. A hotel full of art with works by artists such as Pipilotti Rist, Fischli Weiss and Roman Signer, James Turell and many more. They contribute to the distinctive ambience at Hotel Castell. Once a week there is a public guided tour. Ruedi Bechtler, owner of the Hotel Castell, has personally selected every single work of art and has often staged them in close collaboration with the artists.

Art at the Castell, Zuoz

Gallery La Laterna Talvo

The painting exhibition, which is redesigned at regular intervals, shows works by various artists. In addition to viewing the paintings on display, visitors can also browse to their heart's content through folders containing numerous works of art. In addition to originals and numbered lithographs, there are also many high-quality art prints, engravings, and photographs. Particularly noteworthy is the large collection of originals by Zuoz artist Gian Casty, who made a name for himself primarily as a designer of stained glass windows and church windows.

Gallery La Laterna Talvo, Zuoz

Galerie La Laterna Talvo
Galerie La Laterna Talvo

Gallery Tschudi

Visitors discover contemporary art in the Chesa Madalena, an old Engadin house. The gallery represents world-renowned artists.

Gallery Tschudi, Zuoz

Galerie Tschudi
Galerie Tschudi
Galerie Tschudi

Galleria Monica de Cardenas 

Galleria Monica de Cardenas presents "Vento Forte," the first exhibition of the young Italian artist Federico Tosi in Switzerland. The artistic work of Federico Tosi explores complex and dramatic aspects of existence, diving into every dark cave with a hunger for experience, forming disturbing works, but not without playfulness and humor. The provocative and enigmatic works of the Milan-born artist have caused quite a stir. Discover what this project in Zuoz is all about.

Galleria Monica de Cardenas, Zuoz

Hildegard Schenk Workshop

The Werkstatt Hildegard Schenk is a gallery, workshop, and event space. Changing exhibitions show works by artists and artisans who have previously created some of these works in the Hildegard Schenk workshop.

Atelier Hildegard Schenk

Atelier Hildegard Schenk

Lleshi Art

The artist Jeff Lieshi creates unique pieces from Engadin alluvial wood and olive wood from Corfu: sculptures, light objects, tables, and mirrors.

Lleshi Art, Zuoz

Lleshi Art