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Winter hiking in the valleys

Winter hiking & snowshoeing

Winter hiking in the valleys

For winter hikers we roll out the white carpets. The daily prepared paths lead through lovely valleys and over frozen lakes - from Maloja to S-chanf you can hike the wintry Engadin on numerous routes.

 Below we have picked out a few of the most beautiful hikes - the Schweiz Mobil routes are not only among the most beautiful in the Engadin, but throughout all of Switzerland.

Over centimeters of thick ice 

This classic winter hike is not to be missed: a walk across the beautiful lake plateau from Maloja to St. Moritz! This is possible as soon as the lakes are frozen and the paths are prepared, which is usually the case around mid-January. With more than four hours this hike is not a simple walk, but the stages Maloja-Sils-Silvaplana-St. Moritz can be split up or shortened by bus.  

On the meadows of the Inn

Many a person has lost their heart to this winter landscape. The winter hiking trail from Samedan to La Punt, which is about 7 kilometers long, is without a doubt easy to fall in love with. What makes it so special are the wide open spaces and the Inn River. It is especially worthwhile on icy cold days - because then the bare branches of the deciduous trees are decorated all over with ice crystals. Once you have arrived in La Punt, the path will take you to the Krone or Müsellas restaurants.

Continue to Cinuos-chel

Why stop when it's so beautiful? The Innauenweg and this route, which continues to Cinuos-chel, can be easily combined. If you like, you can explore the villages you pass during the hike. La Punt, Madulain, Zuoz, and S-chanf radiate tradition. Strolling through the small streets and marveling at the facades of the Engadin houses is an experience of culture that will stay with you.

Dreamy Val Roseg 

This valley is a must for every winter hiker. Especially when it has just snowed, you can't help but feel transported into a winter fairy tale. The 7-kilometer-long path can thus be completed without much effort, and at the Restaurant Roseg Glacier, the famous dessert buffet is waiting for you – it's something you should not miss. Once fortified you can return to Pontresina on foot or instead by horse-drawn carriage. 

On a journey through time

In about 50 minutes you will reach the glacier tongue of the third longest glacier in the Eastern Alps from Morteratsch station. You will only cover a little over 100 meters in altitude but much more history. Because where you are hiking today, there was a glacier not so long ago. 16 information boards with yearly updates will show you the details.

From St. Moritz to Val Bever 

To hike between St. Moritz and Bever means to jump out of the world into solitude. While the walk across the frozen Lake St. Moritz becomes a fashionable stroll, those seeking peace and quiet will find their happiness in Val Bever. The secluded side valley offers a hike along the Beverin stream and through mystical winter forests. Away from the surrounding ski areas, a jewel awaits you here: the Spinas restaurant offers regional delicacies - and an original French bowling alley that is over 100 years old. 

Romantic Val Fex

The Fex valley stretches for about 7 kilometers from Vaüglia, via Platta, to Crasta and then to Curtins. These are the names of the settlements you pass - and they are all beautiful. Once at the Hotel Fex, it is also worthwhile to continue to the Alp Muot Selvas - where solitude abounds from the hotel to the managed alp. In general, the valley is not very densely populated - 84 people live in the Fex valley (as of2020). Just the place for romantics! And to take it up a notch, ride the horse-drawn carriage on the way there or back, which goes all the way to the Hotel Fex. It's a day trip that should be on the list of every winter hiker.

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