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Grand Train Tour of Switzerland

Explore our beautiful alpine country in one (st)ride!

Grand Train Tour of Switzerland

Along the 1,280 kilometres of the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland manifold natural wonders, stunning glacier worlds, impressive cultural monuments and quaint villages line your way. This adventure on rails connects the eight most beautiful panoramic routes and thus creates one magnificent experience: While riding the train through cities, across mountains and all language borders and along wide lakescapes, you will discover the top highlights of Switzerland from the comfort of your seat.

The best feature of this journey: you are not only in tune with the trend towards sustainability but you are also fully flexible when it comes to planning your route as on the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland, there are no prescribed direction or duration. You feel inspired by a region? Then just hop off at the next stop and embark on your very own discovery expedition!

Relax, enjoy and go – pardon: ride with the flow. Let blissful moments surprise and entertain you on your journey, for example on the two Engadine routes:

Glacier Express: Zermatt – St. Moritz

7 h 46 min / 291 km
The slowest express train in the world.

In just about 8 hours this panoramic train ride deluxe will take you from one of the world’s most famous alpine destinations to another. The Glacier Express that regularly claims a top position in any ranking of the world’s most scenic train rides is no ordinary means of transportation, bringing you from A (Zermatt) to B (St. Moritz). This journey through the Valais and Grisons Alps rather offers a kaleidoscope of all those fascinating aspects that travellers love about Switzerland: majestic snow-capped peaks, lush alpine pastures, quaint Heidi villages, rushing mountain creeks and primeval gorges. Those who would like to complement this abundancy of extraordinary scenic experiences with a deluxe service in the train, should opt for the exclusive «Excellence Class» which includes concierge service at your window seat, a freshly prepared five-course menu and an excellent bar.

Highlights of the journey:

Lose yourself in contemplation and awe at the sublime view of the Matterhorn. Admire it from the quaint village of Zermatt, from the Gornergrat or from the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise – just take your time and enjoy the splendid panorama … however, still keep an eye on your watch as you would not want to miss the departure of the Glacier Express!

In the chic alpine metropolis St. Moritz at 1,822 metres above sea level, visitors do not only indulge in luxury & exclusiveness. The spectacular giant mountains, too, which guard the sunny Engadin valley left and right invite you to enjoy varied day trips and activities. Stunning panorama included.

Bernina Express: St. Moritz – Tirano – Lugano

6 h 46 min / 183 km
From glaciers to palm trees.

In only approx. 7 hours the Bernina Express covers the distance between St. Moritz and Lugano, passing by high-alpine landscapes, mighty glaciers and idyllic lakes before it reaches first Tirano in Italy and finally Ticino where the palm leafs are swaying under the sun … but stop! Describing this fantastic train ride in merely one sentence means neglecting all the highlights along the way: the manifold cultural regions the train passes through, the impressive Rhaetian Railway architecture of the UNESCO World Heritage Route, the brilliant turquoise of the vast Lago Bianco at 2,253 metres above sea level, the lovely Val Poschiavo, the Bernina Express Bus ride through the picturesque Veltlin along the famous Lake Como … well, fortunately you have enough time to fully indulge in this fun on wheels!

Highlights of the journey:

Ospizio Bernina, the highest station of the Rhaetian Railway at 2,253 metres above sea level, is located on the shores of the vast lake whose name refers to its milky-white water. The Lago Bianco is a watershed this lake is a watershed, feeding the Baltic Sea to the east and the Adriatic Sea to the south.

Numerous palazzi, built between the 16th and 18th century by wealthy families during the Grison sovereignty, shape the cityscape of the small Veltlin town Tirano. Also well-preserved are the medieval town fortifications and gates that can be visited on a sightseeing walk.

Lugano– in other words: sun, palm trees, gelati! Stroll through this charming town, along the lovely lake or enjoy a panoramic hike on Monte San Salvatore and Monte Brè.

Grand Train Tour of Switzerland.

Grand Train Tour of Switzerland