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Happiness on two wheels

Mountain biking

Bernina Express Route 673

There are many paths that lead to mountain biking happiness. And choosing the best can be a tricky task since all tours in the Engadin are among the most beautiful in all of Switzerland. Nevertheless, we have some suggestions that can help you make the right choice for you so here we present the "Top 6."

Bernina Express Tour

esides the bike El Dorado Corviglia, the region around the Bernina Pass is considered a "must" on every tour list. The "Bernina Express'' route is one of the most popular in the entire Alpine region. Awarded the title of "Epic Trail'' by the International Mountain Bike Association, its 30 magnificent kilometers from Samedan to Valposchiavo offer a veritable kaleidoscope of climates as well as sublime views of imposing mountain landscapes. The tour over the main ridge of the Alps is technically and physically demanding but rewards you with an unforgettable trail experience. The start is in Samedan, from where, after a rather leisurely ride to Morteratsch, the route goes briskly up to the Bernina Pass at around 2200 meters. A break at the Belvedere restaurant on Alp Grüm is a "must" before you pass Lagh da Palü and head towards Poschiavo. Then you can comfortably return with the Rhaetian Railway to Ospizio Bernina, from where you can a) get off for the flowing descent to Pontresina or b) continue to Pontresina and enjoy the view from the train window. As this route is very popular, it can be busy in the high season. To get from the Bernina Pass to Poschiavo, we therefore recommend the equally unique 'Poschiavino Trail' (Route 436).

673 Bernina-Express

Suvretta Loop

This 34 km long dream tour starts at the train station in Celerina and begins with a quite relaxed 400 meters altitude difference to Alp Laret. But then it gets intense; the climbs to the Glüna hut, past the Lej Alv, and finally up to a proud 2400 m above sea level will make you sweat profusely. There, at the Corviglia mountain station, you should give in to temptation and simply enjoy the view (and of course a little refreshment) on the sun terrace of the quattro bar. Then you will have new momentum for the last 200 meters in altitude. With Piz Nair behind you, a fantastic view over the turquoise blue lakes and mighty mountain peaks of the Engadin accompanies you. After all these highlights, the crowning glory of the tour awaits: a single trail descent that takes you over five crisp kilometers through the Val Suvretta da Samedan to Alp Suvretta! The subsequent relaxed tour through the fairytale Val Bever is just as sweet an ending as the slice of Engadin nut cake that you shouldn't miss at the Spinas Inn.

Suvretta Loop

Padella - Corviglia Panorama Tour

After presenting the shortest, we now present the longest of our highlighted tours. This circular tour presents the entire beauty and diversity of the Upper Engadin over 40 kilometers! Ambitious hikers tackle the approximately 6-hour demanding tour in one day, but the various entry and exit points of Route 672 also allow for a grandiose tour experience in stages. The classic starting point is Celerina with an easy ride to Samedan, where a first ascent leads to Alp Muntatsch. While you follow the panoramic trail, Piz Padella towers above you and the wide Upper Engadin high valley stretches out at your feet. Flowing, you rush downhill to the Marguns mountain station, and then with your momentum, go back up to the Corviglia mountain station. Soon you will have the village of Silvaplana in sight on the valley floor, which your path will take you past as you cross the high valley and leave the sunny slope behind you. After Corviglia, the route leads along the WM Flow Trail towards Suvretta and down to Silvaplana. On the other side of the valley, shady pine forests and mystical moor lakes await you before you reach Celerina again.

Padella - Corviglia - Panoramatour

Fuorcla Minor

The tour starts a few kilometers south of St. Moritz, in Pontresina. On gravel roads, it goes first in the direction of Bernina Pass where in the past years with pimple and shovel all the coarsest obstacles were cleared out of the way, so that - assuming appropriate technology, power or engine - can run smoothly on trails to the pass. After a short section on the pass road, a trail turns into Val da Fain. At La Stretta, the Italian border is crossed and from now on things get a little rough. First briefly technically uphill and then rather frumpy down to the pass of Livigno. As soon as the biker has Swiss soil under the tires, it continues much more gently. Here, the Upper Engadine Trail Crew has tamed the way so that the driving fun is not lost. On the contrary: on a magnificent single trail you can reach the Fuorcla Minor. It follows a liquid downhill to the Bernina Pass, from where you can relax on the newly built bike trail and flowing downhill flow.

Fuorcla Minor – Cheers to Obstacles

Corviglia Grand Tour

"Corviglia" is synonymous with "flow paradise" for bikers - and the most famous flow trail is the unforgettable Corviglia Grand Tour! Mountain bike legend Danny MacAskill raves about the 25 km long rush of turns: "The descent was like an endless ride on a flying carpet." See for yourself and start at the summit of Piz Nair with the descent through the high alpine mountain world to the Suvrettapass. Continue to the Munt da San Murezzan, on the famous WM Flow Trail to Trutz, and then via Salastrains to Chantarella. The funicular takes you to Corviglia, where the steepest tour stage takes you past the Trais Fluors mountain station to the single trail. Now, finally, you curve downhill to the Munt da la Bes-cha, on to the serpentine trail and finally to the valley floor.

Corviglia Grand Tour

Albula Trail

"Brevity is the spice of life" - a saying that not only hits the mark in many situations in life, but could also be chosen as the subtitle for this new route. consisting of only 8.6 kilometers, the Albula Trail combines a little taste of everything you want for a perfect mountain bike tour! A spectacular alpine panorama serves as your backdrop, and 625 meters of depth guarantee you an unforgettable flowing trail surfing experience with a varied route. If you are planning your first single trail or don't have time to do a day tour, you will enjoy the Albula Trail to the fullest as a wonderful and even playful evening round or half-day tour. The trail starts at 2315 m above sea level on the Albula pass at the Albula Hospiz Inn, which can be reached from La Punt either with the strength of your own calves or comfortably with the "Bus Alpin." After a short ascent you're off on a lively downhill flow through an immensely charming landscape with new surprises around every turn.

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