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Snow, speed and twisting turns

Sledging / Tobogganing

Tight corners, thrilling straights, high speeds: the classic toboggan runs of the Engadin have countless thrills in store. Here’s a taster: brace yourself for two unforgettable sledge rides in our bewitching winter landscapes!

Sledge run with a blast of adrenalin

Fast, faster, Muottas Muragl! Anyone who prefers a zippy toboggan ride to a gentle glide should not miss this magnificent run. The funicular brings you and your toboggan to the summit station, starting point for an exhilarating high-speed descent. With 20 tricky corners to negotiate and a vertical drop of 718 metres over a distance of more than 4 kilometres, this run promises high thrills and unforgettable fun to winter visitors from all over the world.

Since the best guarantee of a carefree outing is the slogan “Safety first”, riders should always wear a helmet. The fast run may not be suitable for families with young children, but Muottas Muragl has plenty of other delightful experiences in store for small kids and their parents, thanks to a variety of attractions – such as a climbing “castle” at an altitude of 2,456 m, the spacious sun terrace of the Romantik Hotel Muottas Muragl, and several winter walking paths with enough snow for 1,001 snowmen.

Having fun? You can’t help it – it’s winter time!
Having fun?

You can’t help it – it’s tobogganing time!

Twisting toboggan adventure from Preda to Bergün

Winter visitors have been raving for a good five decades about this thrilling run, its challenging corners and dramatic layout: straight down a steep mountain valley, passing several times underneath viaducts of the Rhaetian Railway. Where else in the world can you toboggan through the heart of a UNESCO World Heritage Site? It is also the Rhaetian Railway that brings you to the starting point at Preda with a short ride along the legendary Albula line, added to UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites in 2008 for its pioneering engineering, its breathtaking sequence of tunnels and viaducts, and its spectacular natural setting. When you arrive at Preda at 1,800 m, it’s time to leave the train, put on your helmet, climb on your toboggan – and push! Do not be deceived by the gentle start: soon enough you will need to steer skilfully as you hurtle round tight corners and down steep straights. The gradient is substantial but steady – a drop of about 400 vertical metres over a distance of some 4 kilometres – because you are in fact sledging on the pass road, closed to traffic in winter. Throughout the descent you enjoy glorious views of the magnificent mountain scenery, until the run gradually flattens out, you steadily lose speed and you reach your destination, Bergün. Our tip: despite the thrilling layout, the run is also suitable for families with children – although you should of course ride with caution at all times, especially in the corners. From Tuesday to Sunday, in the evenings, the experience is even more magical, when the entire run is illuminated.

Twisting toboggan adventure from Preda to Bergün

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