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Walks with an extra dimension


 Via Gastronomica - Val Fex

Hiking is always a multiple pleasure: an experience of the beauty of nature combined with a dose of exercise and an all-round health boost. In addition, a walk can be a fascinating journey of discovery, a chance to learn about a new world: along one of our popular theme trails, for example.

What do you fancy – gastronomy, literature, science? Take your pick from a wide range of subjects and discover all kinds of fascinating facts about our region along any of a wide variety of theme trails. The imaginative layout of the routes and the many info panels along the way make these tours through our Engadin “open-air museum” among the most popular walks for visitors of all ages.

Glacierwalk Morteratsch

On the trail of the glacier’s secrets

The walk to the Morteratsch Glacier becomes a little longer every year: since 1850, the tip of the glacier has receded by about three kilometres through steady melting. The causes and consequences of the melting of the Alpine glaciers are explored on the 16 information panels of the Morteratsch Glacier Trail. Children, too, can comfortably manage this walk; they even have their own companion in the form of Sabi, a friendly mountain spirit, who tells the story of the glacier and has a few fun challenges in store along the way. Kids who solve all the puzzles are rewarded with a surprise gift.

Barefoot through forest and meadows

Feel closer to nature than ever before on a walk – while boosting your health. Sounds good? Head to Celerina, take off your hiking boots, tie them to your rucksack by the laces and set off on one of the four barefoot trails. These lead over lush meadows, across cooling streams and over the soft forest floor – promising a special connection with the natural world all around. Good for the soul, and good for the body, too: walking barefoot stimulates circulation in the feet and also has a positive effect on the cardiovascular and immune systems. The shortest variant takes about 15 minutes, the longest promises about 2 hours of natural wellness.

In the footsteps of Giovanni Segantini

Giovanni Segantini’s painted landscapes are so true to nature that it is possible to locate where he placed his easel each time. The Sentiero Segantini (Segantini Trail) leads admirers to some of the most beautiful spots that inspired the artist. The route, which begins at his home in Maloja, revisits works such as “The earthly paradise”, “Returning home” and “Spring pasture”, and also explores highlights from Segantini’s life. A highly inspiring walk with glorious scenes of nature – real-life as well as painted.

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