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Perfect for a dip

Swimming lakes in the Engadin
Lej da StazLej NairLej Marsch
Lej da Staz
The Engadin is dotted with delightful little lakes, each of which has its own special character. They may be refreshingly cool, invitingly warm, crystal-clear or dark and mysterious: no two are alike. Here we introduce some of the loveliest.

Imagine: you are enjoying a glorious walk on a summer’s day in the Engadin. The sun is shining, the scent of pine fills the air, and your heart is singing. And – be honest – you are starting to feel a little sweaty, since a hike in nature is no stroll in the park.

Solution: head for the nearest swimming lake, because here in the Engadin, one of these is never far away. Of the 615 mountain lakes in Graubünden, some of the most beautiful are in the Engadin, promising hikers and everyone who loves nature a refreshing dip or a leisurely swim. The exceptionally sunny climate here – with the number of sunny days well above average – ensures that the weather is on your side, too!

Lej da Staz
Families, especially, love the Lej da Staz, located between Celerina, Pontresina and St. Moritz. This moorland lake may lie at about 1,800 metres above sea level, but thanks to its dark colour, it quickly traps heat from the sun’s rays, so that the water temperature rises to a comfortable 20 degrees (or even more) in summer.
Lej da Staz

Lej da Staz

An attractive meadow is perfect for spreading out swimming towels, having a barbecue or just lying on your back to gaze at the sky. Two broad jetties and a small beach give access to the water. Anyone in search of solitude, however, should seek out one of the smaller moorland lakes, since the Lej da Staz, with its hotel, restaurant and children’s playground, is a popular destination for day-trippers.

Lej Nair

Anyone seeking tranquillity is in for a treat here. Unlike the Lej da Staz, this small lake, secluded idyllically in the forest, is accessible only on foot. Its name means “Black lake” in Romansch, and its waters do indeed appear nearly black thanks to the peaty soils of this high moorland. As a result, the sun’s rays warm up the water all the faster, so any visitor who is not already busy having a picnic or doing a barbecue on its shores should dive right in. Insider tip: the sunsets here, reflected in the still waters, are enchanting!

Lej Marsch

Swimmers of all ages, picnickers and sun-worshippers all adore the Lej Marsch. A good 5 minutes’ walk from St. Moritz’s Olympic ski jump and easily accessible by bike, the small lake offers various attractive barbecue sites and picnic spots as well as swims in a delightful setting. The Lej Marsch lies in forested moorland that forms part of a nature reserve; to protect this sensitive ecosystem and its precious plant and animal life, swimming is permitted only at marked locations.

Lej da Staz
Lej da Staz
Our mountain lakes are ravishingly beautiful – and should stay that way. Please help protect these captivating bodies of water, with their delicate ecosystems, by respecting the various regulations for water sports.
Lej da Staz

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