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Summer Bucket List S-chanf

The Top 7 in Summer 

Summer Bucket List S-chanf

Sometimes we simply have to limit ourselves. After all, who has the time to see and experience everything? The nice thing about S-chanf is that it's so easy to navigate. The highlights we have selected can be wonderfully combined here

1. Val Trupchun

Why travel far and wide to go on safari? In the Swiss National Park, you can experience the native flora and fauna in their most pristine form. S-chanf lies at the entrance to Val Trupchun, which is known as the deer arena. Especially in autumn, during the rutting season, it's all happening here when hundreds of stags fight for the favour of the hinds. The start and duration of the rutting season depends on various factors - the temperature in particular plays an important role. If it is still too warm, the animals will not get in the mood. However, it usually lasts from the end of September to the beginning of October. If you like, you can take part in a guided tour and learn exciting facts about the world of the national park from the professionals or you can set off on your own. Important: don't forget your binoculars.

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2. Hiking around S-chanf

S-chanf offers numerous hiking routes. Whether towards the national park, the Scaletta Pass or the Upper Engadine, there is a multitude of hiking trails to choose from. Simply choose your favourite route and explore the picturesque hiking trails around S-chanf.

3. Slow train

The National Park Express takes you comfortably into the national park and is a highlight and motivator for children in particular, should you have little walkers at home. The journey on the slow train shortens the hiking route in a pleasant way. You can board the train in Zuoz or S-chanf and at a few stops between S-chanf and the terminus at Parkhütte Varusch. From here, it's just a short walk into the wilderness of the national park.

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4. Rope park

Val Trupchun, the National Park Express and the ParcAlpin rope park can be perfectly combined. 3 out of 7 points on our bucket list in one day - that's optimum utilisation of time. The rope park is located on the way to the national park near Prasüras and offers five courses of varying difficulty. What's particularly nice is that the courses are modelled on the wildlife in the Swiss National Park. This means that young and old alike can learn something new here in a fun way. The barbecue area on the grounds invites you to linger.

5. Archery course

Not far from S-chanf lies the Fraktion Chapella with the farm "Stalla Chapella." Besides horseback riding they offer a 3D bow course with 28 targets. For those who want to give it a try first, there is the fun course with 7 stations. It is the only offer of this kind in the Engadin and can be experienced on foot. You can shoot at plastic animals with bow and arrow from different distances. How accurate are you?

5. Val Susauna

Not far from S-chanf is the hamlet of Chapella with the "Stalla Chapella" farm. In addition to horse riding, they offer a 3D archery course with 28 targets. The fun course with 7 stations is ideal for those who want to try it out first. It is the only one of its kind in the Engadin and can be experienced on foot. The aim is to shoot at plastic animals with a bow and arrow from different distances. How accurate are you?

7. Climbing & Bowling

Bad weather or simply a desire to climb the walls or indulge your play instinct? The Serlas Parc in S-chanf is made for both. It offers 450 m2 climbing area and bouldering routes on around 120 m2. Extra cool: A world first awaits you with "Flexclimb": customised routes can be put together using movable climbing holds and interactive touchscreen controls. Those who have had enough of climbing can compete with family and friends in bowling. This is not a classic bowling alley, but micro bowling - the rules remain the same. If you get hungry in between, take a seat in the restaurant, which serves delicious pizzas, among other things. With so much sporting action waiting here, it's just the thing.

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8. Val Chaschauna

The pass of the same name connects S-chanf with Livigno. The landscape in this valley and on the pass is breathtakingly beautiful - and there are usually few people here. So if you're looking for seclusion, you'll find it here. As well as a sporting challenge. A demanding bike tour takes you from Pontresina through the Val da Fain to Livigno and over the Chaschauna pass back into the Engadin to S-chanf. The ascent from the Italian side near Livigno to the top of the pass at 2694 metres is a tough one. Ordinary bikers travelling without motor assistance often have to push their bikes here. However, the effort is worth it - the flowing descent through the picturesque landscape is worth every drop of sweat.

Incidentally, the pass is also part of a stage of the National Park Bike Marathon, which takes place at the end of August each year.

9. Guided tour of the village of S-chanf

Take part in our guided tour of the village of S-chanf on Monday afternoon. On the tour along the patrician houses you will learn lots of new, interesting and interesting facts. Did you know, for example, that the first money bank in the Engadin was located in S-chanf? You will also visit the reformed church with its impressive organ and stained glass windows.

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