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Following green paths

Naturally sustainable

Following green paths

On these hikes and guided tours you will learn interesting details about the fascinating green topic

Clean Energy Tour

A tour of the «energy city» St. Moritz and easy hikes in its immediate vicinity will lead you to many pioneering buildings and facilities.

St. Moritz Energy

Electricity is generally depicted as being yellow in colour and coming from an electrical outlet. Well … not quite. If you would like to learn more about electricity, our guided tour of the plant is exactly what you want. St. Moritz Energy offers a look behind the scenes. The experts are happy to answer any questions on the topic of energy. You will find out how they generate electricity from lake water or how it ends up in your electrical outlet.

Registration is mandatory.

In order to reserve your desired date, please send your request no later than two weeks in advance to info@stmoritz-energie.ch or use the contact form.

Guided energy tours of the first plus-energy hotel in the Alpine region, Muottas Muragl

In the Romantik Hotel right at the Muottas Muragl summit station, an expert will convey interesting facts of the use of sustainable energies in the Engadin and on Muottas Muragl as well as of pioneering energy concepts. The free guided tour takes approximately an hour and a half, and can be booked on request for groups of at least five persons.

In order to book a guided energy tour, please send an email to info@muottasmuragl.ch or call the reception of the Romantik Hotel Muottas Muragl: +41 81 842 82 32

ForzAgricula: guided tours of the biogas plant

The biogas plant in Zuoz focuses on the disposal of agricultural and gastronomic waste. During the summer months, the plant is also charged with green waste. In order to produce electricity, it processes approximately 1,700 t of organic waste per annum. The agricultural waste comes from the plant’s own or neighbouring farms, while the gastronomic waste is collected from hotels and restaurants in the municipalities of Pontresina, Bever, La Punt, Madulain, Zuoz and S-chanf. The plant mixes dung, liquid manure and gastronomic waste in order to produce electricity, heat and liquid manure with a very high nitrogen content as well as humus for gardening. The thermal discharge is used for heating the fermenter, the hygienisation and the hot water. ForzAgricula produces 300,000 kw/h electricity per year (which corresponds roughly to the annual consumption of 65 single-family homes) which is being fed directly into the grid.
In order to book a guided tour, please send an email to biogas@forzagricula.ch or call
+41 78 671 40 48.

ForzAgricula Ltd.
Andri Casty
Ritscha 179 B
CH-7524 Zuoz

Engadin Power Stations (EKW)

At EKW you will experience the fascination of hydropower and its use first-hand. For groups, school classes and other interested parties, the company offers guided tours of the facilities Punt dal Gall, Ova Spin and Pradella. The visit of the facilities can take place from Monday to Friday; the visits of the dam wall of Punt dal Gall and the central facility Ova Spin can be combined.

Number of participants: min. 4 persons, max. 15 persons
Minimum age of participants: 10 years
Duration: approx. 1.5 h to 2 h per facility

In order to reserve your desired date, please send your request no later than two weeks in advance to info@ekwstrom.ch or use the contact form: www.ekwstrom.ch/besuchen-sie-uns (German)

Green Power Trail

A hike through one of the most beautiful Swiss Alpine regions from Ospizio Bernina to the Glacier Garden at Cavaglia lets you see what green power is and how it is generated. The path in upper Poschiavo runs along the idyllic Lago Bianco, before winding its way through the Palü Gorge.

On the approximately two to three hour hike, you will not only experience the magnificent landscape of the upper Valposchiavo, but also you can discover many energy topics at eleven information boards. In addition to informative texts, 3D graphics, quizzes and digital animations that can be accessed via QR codes make for an entertaining hike. The trail follows the Bernina line of the Rhaetian Railway, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

All information boards are complemented by a 3D graphic that is brought to life via QR code.

Difficulty: moderate
Distance: 8.6 km
Duration: 2:30 h
Ascent: 14 m
Descent: 578 m

Further information:
www.repower.com/oekostrompfad (German)