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Galerie 10

St. Moritz

Galerie 10

St. Moritz



Sara Masüger’s sculpting revolves around the representation of bodies and body-fragments in tin, aluminum or acrystal- a composite material that results in a plaster-like appearance. Her sculptures are never preceded by drawings or preparatory sketches, for the simple reason that the source of her artwork of her artwork is her own body, and the casted body-parts – hands, face, ears, fingers, etc. – from the molds out of which the works are created. The legacies and filiations are quite obvious, and the artist has overtly expressed her admiration for the work of Alina  Szapocznikow, Louise Bourgeois and Mendardo Rosso.



Patricia Koysova is one of the few woman artists in Slovakia whose artistic program is fully devoted to abstract painting. The drive behind Koyšová’s art is a tireless probing of technological possibilities and diverse painting techniques, processes, and alternatives. She found her greatest liberation from direct canvas contact in air compressor guns.

Patrícia’s painting style wants to capture the viewer’s attention, to activate his/her senses, open up the “eye” for perception of shapes from one’s inner and outer space.

The painter describes her style as “working with colour much like in a painting laboratory.


Frenetic energy predicated on a desire for energy exchange between painter and viewer, as well as liberal use of color and crowded space, are signatures of Orlando`s Marosini mixed media work. Inspired by modern artists such Jean- Michal Basquiat, George Condo and Basquiat`s own inspiration, Willem de Kooning, symbolism and abstraction are ever present components of Marosini`s art.

The artist uses spray paint, oils, pastels and colored pencils to create vivid imagery on surfaces ranging from wood to traditional canvas.  



"I live at the service of these impetuous guardians of the eternal snows. Watching their light, vibrating to the rhythm of their beauty has become second nature. I like to live these moments of contemplation of panoramas both frozen and changing, which feed me with their greatness. “



Multidisciplinary artist, nomadic and visionary. His artistic approach is the result of a profound investigation into exotic worlds far from his native culture, where the beauty of the surrounding nature and the richness of an indigenous culture mark the journey of his painting.

Since his first trip to the island of Gambia in Senegal, Africa in 1992, he has begun a long journey where he absorbs shapes and colors that give him the starting point to represent the connection that exists between man and nature, in this case the female figure, the goddess, the ancestral Venus that becomes a dance of exotic beauty. His work is part of numerous public and private collections.


Roland Pangrati is one of the most visionary artists in Romania, recognized for the way he combines abstract minimalist expressionism with old traditional japanese Nihonga techniques of painting - which have more than 1000 years of tradition.

He creates his artworks by using natural mineral pigments, which are obtained by finely grinding the rocks into diffrent grain types, Gofun (powdered calcium carbonate made from oyster sea- shells). All pigments are combined with a special glue that is made by boiling the animal proteine. The colours obtained that way are suspended on a japanese paper named washi, which can withstand the passage of time more than a 1000 years.

Opening hours
Open: from 10.02.2023 to 16.04.2023 
daily 10.00am - 10.00pm


Open Today
  • Painting
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0041 79 954 76 27
Via Maistra 10
7500 St. Moritz