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The Engadin from above

Muottas Muragl

The Engadin in the ascendant

You are itching to lose the ground under your feet? To fly noiselessly with the birds and to discover the world from an extraordinary, fascinating point of view? Paragliding on Muottas Muragl stands for unforgettable moments and soft thrills – for tandem passengers and those who steer on their own.

Welcome to the southern slope of our activity mountain Muottas Muragl! Almost all year round, fans of paragliding are treated here to thermic upwinds which carry them into seventh heaven and let them glide to the valley bottom over a height difference of more than 490 metres.

For passengers …

As a flying novice, too, you can enjoy the experience of gliding like a bird over the magnificent Engadin landscape. On a tandem flight, it is the professional pilot who takes control, so you can fully indulge in this magic moment. Passengers are required to be in a normal physical condition and have a bodyweight of at least 30 kg.

Tandem hang-gliding flights
Tandem hang-gliding flights

Glide silently through the sky: for a tandem flight, you don’t need any previous experience – just a certain measure of courage.

… and pilots

The launching and landing sites of Muottas Muragl are clearly marked. In addition to that, before each flight you need to check the bulletin board at the summit station for current information since naturally “Safety First!” is the prime directive. This is why the difference between the desired upwind and the extremely gusty Maloja wind should be known. As the latter blows softer early in the morning and in the evening hours, experts recommend flying during those times of the day. Please be generally aware that you are in a high alpine flight zone and that therefore winds can be unpredictably erratic.

Since the flying area is located within the 5-kilometre-FIZ-zone of the Samedan airfield (Engadin Airport), the registration of each flight at the tower (telephone: +41 81 851 08 54) is required. The aeronautical chart (Link zum pdf Fluggebiet Samedan-Pontresina) also shows the different air space zones: the grey circle of Engadin Airport, the red lines of the wildlife protection zones from May 1st to June 30th as well as from October 1st to December 10th, the green protected area C of the Val Languard/Albris, and the red protected area D in the Val Roseg.

Those who fly in summer (May 1st to December 10th) start at the summit station from an extensive, slightly sloping alpine pasture. In winter, you find a relatively level launching site also close to the summit station or – when the Maloja wind announces itself – alee of the hotel building. The main landing site is the big meadow at Punt Muragl next to the pedestrian path to Pontresina.

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