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Running attractions


Running attractions

Trail runners rave about the extensive network of paths on the wide slopes of the Corviglia: the combination of training options and spectacular natural landscapes is unbeatable. There is plenty to suit everyone – from beginners, happy to access the high trails by funicular or cable car, to athletes who do not wish to miss any of the 1,000 vertical metres of the “Vertical Run”. Whatever your level, trail running on our sports mountain is sure to be a thrilling experience!

With every vertical metre on the Corviglia, the vegetation alters; the ever-changing surfaces and features of the trails demand constant attention. But don’t forget now and again to stop and take in the glorious views of the lake-strewn Engadin valley! After all, a good and varied trail run is as much about enjoying nature as about exercise and performance.

Quickly gain height thanks to funiculars and cable cars:
Some of the most spectacular trails begin on the Piz Nair or lead past the Corviglia funicular summit station, so runners can access these routes easily by riding up on funiculars and/or cable cars. This option not only skips a climb on foot of several hundred vertical metres, it also saves time – and the joints, too! Further useful information about the runs presented here – such as distances, vertical differences, time required and GPS data – is available for download below.

Corviglia / Piz Nair information

Operating Dates:
27.06.20 - 25.10.20

Alp Nova

This trail of medium difficulty (8.1 km) starts in St. Moritz with a steep path that branches off from the Via Tinus. Following the signs to “Alp Laret”, climb steadily uphill, continuing past the transmitter mast. Shortly before the gondola, branch off to the left along a path across the meadows, which eventually leads into a wide track. The descent takes you past the Corviglia funicular summit station down to Alp Nova, underneath the tracks of the Chantarella funicular and back to St. Moritz.

Corviglia Attack

With a distance of 22.3 km and an overall ascent and descent of 1,357 vertical metres, this itinerary promises a bracing workout. Starting point is the Ovaverva pool complex in St. Moritz Bad. From here, the route leads across the car park for the Signal cable car opposite before climbing steadily uphill to the Via Alpina, crossing the road and continuing towards Salastrains. Beyond the Hotel Salastrains, trail runners are in their element: small paths and rocky trails lead up to the Corviglia funicular summit station and beyond to Marguns, which reveals sweeping views down the Engadin valley. The track then climbs up to the summit station of the Trais Fluors chairlift before looping back down to Lej Alv; the Finnenbahn woodchip trail around the pretty lake is highly popular with athletes for altitude training. The route back leads via the summit stations of the Corviglia funicular and the Signal cable car.

Piz Nair Grand Tour

Like the Corviglia Attack trail, this 21.8-kilometre run begins with an ascent from the Ovaverva pool to Salastrains and on to the Corviglia funicular summit station. From here, however, the route continues to the shores of the Lej Alv before climbing up towards the Piz Nair. Be careful: the scree is unstable, and the vigorous climb serves as a reminder that this is a ski piste in winter. Eventually the trail reaches a col, the Fuorcla Schlattain, before continuing up to the Piz Nair cable car summit station, highest point of the route. The start of the descent is tricky: a sure foot is essential! Afterwards, easier meadow trails head down in the direction of the Signal cable car. A forest road brings runners over into the Val Suvretta, and eventually a tarmac road leads past Suvretta House and back down to the starting point.

Suvretta Loop

Here things get wild! The first section of this 29.1-kilometre route, which includes 1,640 vertical metres of up and down, follows the ascent to Alp Laret at the start of the “Alp Nova” trail. The Suvretta Loop then climbs steadily up to Marguns before skirting the slopes of the Piz Padella and dropping steeply down the Valletta da Bever to reach the Val Bever and the hamlet of Spinas. Now the trail follows the Beverin river upstream as far as Alp Suvretta 1; a steeper climb then leads up to the Suvretta Pass and the Lej Suvretta. The return leg starts with a fast run downhill towards Alp Suvretta 2 followed by a gentler descent to the Signal cable car summit station, the Chantarella funicular summit station and back to the starting point.

Piz Nair Vertical Run

All trails lead up on high, but none in such straightforward style as the Vertical Run. This route from St. Moritz Dorf via the Corviglia funicular summit station up to the Piz Nair may only measure about 8 km, but it involves scaling more than 1,200 vertical metres. It is therefore well worth avoiding carrying any surplus kilos – so it’s just as well you can hand in your backpack or sports bag at the funicular base station in St. Moritz and collect it again up at the Piz Nair. If you enjoy running in company, don’t miss the Vertical Sommerlauf (“Vertical Summer Run”), with a climb of about 1,000 vertical metres along a course of 5.5 km, starting in St. Moritz Dorf. The route leads up one of the world’s most famous ski pistes, used for men’s Downhill races in the World Cup. When you conquer the legendary “Free Fall” with its gradient of 45 degrees and reach the finish platform at 2,840 m, you are guaranteed an unforgettable high!

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