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Welcome to the biker’s mountain


Welcome to the biker’s mountain

Is the wheel the top invention of all time? Mountain bikers certainly think so – especially after a day on the Corviglia full of uphill action and downhill fun, over singletrack trails and along flowing, descending pump tracks. The sense of boundless freedom coupled with glorious nature and exhilarating activity is unbeatable!

Few Swiss mountains can offer as many mountain bike trails as the Corviglia. From easy to difficult, from a gentle evening ride to a grand tour: trails as far as the eye can see, with the additional plus that many of the routes can be combined.

Corviglia / Piz Nair trail information

Bike Day Ticket Corviglia

The new mountain railway offer for you and your mountain bike. In order to meet the different needs of our bikers on the Corviglia, we have turned one day ticket into three. You can now choose whether you only want to use the lowest lifts on the mountain, whether you need all the lifts up to Corviglia or whether you want to go all the way up to the Piz Nair. The day tickets entitle you to unlimited use of the cableways for the whole day - bike transport included:

Bike day pass to Corviglia

Access to the 4 Flow Trails as well as a starting point for various single trails and enduro tours.

Bike day pass to Corviglia
Single trip Corviglia – Piz Nair

As an add-on to the Bike Day Pass to Corviglia. CHF 17.60. Available at the ticket offices of the mountain railways.

Single trip Corviglia – Piz Nair
Bike Multi Day Ticket

For 2-7 consecutive days, incl. Piz Nair and access to the full range of trails in the Corviglia/Piz Nair area.

Bike Multi Day Ticket

Olympia Flow Trail

This flowing downhill pump track has been harmoniously integrated into the surrounding landscape. Flow and fun are the key factors of the Corviglia Flow Trail that runs from Corviglia (top station) via Sass Runzöl and Alp Nova down to Chantarella (middle station). But this flow trail is not just something to be tackled by proficient bikers - families will love it, too. All the more, because it is easily and comfortably accessible by the Corviglia mountain railways as well.

WM Flow Trail

Want to feel like a world champion? You can on the Corviglia! The WM Flow Trail, suitable for mountain bikers from the age of 12, largely follows the course of a ski run that has hosted races in three Ski World Cups. Special highlight: before the singletrack transitions into the flowing downhill pump track, you have to master a spectacular 360° loop! The 6.7-kilometre run promises 280 exhilarating vertical metres of descent from the Corviglia funicular summit station down to the Trutz mountain restaurant, with an emphasis on fun all the way. You’ll need a certain level of skill and feel for corners, though, to thorougly enjoy this great ride. Add to the flow fun by going on to ride the Foppettas Flow Trail, accessible via El Paradiso and Alp Suvretta. The rollers and banked turns provide an exhilarating finish to a thrilling day’s mountain biking!

Marmotta Flow Trail

The newest member of the Corviglia Flow Trails is technically the easiest and shortest. And it can be ideal for Flow Trail beginners and families with children provided they already have mountain bike experience. The trail winds its way in 'flowy' curves to Marguns, from where the chairlift immediately takes you back to Corviglia to hit the trail turns again or to try out one of the other Corviglia Flow Trails.

Corviglia Grand Tour

For mountain bikers, Corviglia is synonymous with “flow heaven” – and on the Corviglia Grand Tour you will enjoy a particular memorable rollercoaster adventure. Even mountain bike legend Danny MacAskill adored all 25 kilometres of this magnificent experience: “The descent was like an endless ride on a flying carpet.” See for yourself, starting at the summit of the Piz Nair with a descent through spectacular high-altitude terrain to the Suvretta Pass. The route continues to Munt da San Murezzan, starting point of the famous WM Trail to Chantarella. The funicular carries you up to Corviglia for the steepest climb of the tour: to the summit station of the Trais Fluors chairlift and on to the singletrack trail. Now, at last, you can enjoy the long downhill: winding across to the Munt da la Bes-cha and finally on to a tricky hairpin trail that zig-zags all the way down to the valley floor.

Trais Fluors

“Trais Fluors” means “Three Flowers”: the name suggesting a delightful, gentle and easy ride. But that is misleading: this top Engadin trail is anything but! A total of 26 demanding kilometres promises one blast of adrenalin after another: mountain biking bliss. The route starts with a steady climb from Celerina up to Chantarella, and then on up to the Corviglia summit station. The trail continues past the pretty mountain lake of Lej Alv and up to the summit station of the Trais Fluors chairlift. From this mountain ridge onwards, the ride becomes swift and easy: you simply glide down the many corners of the scenic trail to Alp Muntatsch before a zig-zag descent to Samedan and the final leg back to Celerina.

Suvretta Loop

The 30 kilometres of this tough but sublime route can be tackled in either direction. Here we present the rather easier anti-clockwise version; bikers seeking more of a challenge will enjoy riding the circuit the other way round. Starting in St. Moritz, the route first leads over to Celerina; from here, the marked mountain bike route 671 takes you to Samedan, Bever, Spinas and deep into the dramatic Val Bever. After a steep ascent by Alp Suvretta, you can pick up a little more speed as you climb up to the Suvretta Pass and the idyllic lake just beyond, the Lej Suvretta – where you enjoy impressive views of the Bernina massif. The trail then leads across the flanks of the Munt da San Murezzan before descending to Corviglia and the popular flow trail to Chantarella, ultimately finishing in the centre of St. Moritz.

Val Schlattain

The gentle start – a ride by funicular and cable car up the Piz Nair (3,058 m) – is deceptive, because the trail that begins up here packs a real punch! It’s worth popping into the panoramic restaurant for a while to acclimatise and enjoy dramatic views of the 3,000-metre peaks circling all around you. Then it’s time to tackle some glorious singletrack, which leads through the wild high-altitude landscape: first through the Val Schlattain, from which this tour takes its name, and then past the picturesque natural reservoir of Lej Alv and on to the Corviglia funicular summit station. Alongside flowing sections, the trail repeatedly puts you to the test – and your muscles, too! If you still haven’t had enough by now, you can simply carry on gliding down and crown your day’s biking with a ride along the exhilarating Olympia Flow Trail to the Chantarella funicular middle station.

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