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Vi(v)a Gastronomica!

Corvatsch 3303

Vi(v)a Gastronomica!

«Various trails lead to various treats» – if we had to choose a slogan for this delightfully delicious Engadin hike, this might be it, as you can choose between different routes: After setting off at Furtschellas middle station, you may explore the mountain paths at your leisure as long as you stop by at one of the three participating mountain restaurants for your culinary breaks.

It all begins with dessert, that is - with eye candy: The gondola ride from Furtschellas valley to the middle station at 2312 metres above sea level wows the passengers with impressive and fascinating views. The colourful kite surfers at the southwestern shore of Lake Silvaplana fly around like a swarm of exotic butterflies and the intense blue hue of the Engadin lakes could easily be the result of some divine Photoshop editor.

Via Gastronomica!

CHF 60 per person (no reduction on the price for the following tickets: engadin pass, summer pass, engadin hiking pass or the “mountain railways included”-offer)

Many roads lead to Rome

However, in order to get closer to the various delicacies waiting for you along the trail(s), you would have to tear yourself away from this picture-perfect panorama. The booklet of vouchers that you have purchased at the valley station sets your hiking program: breakfast or a savoury starter is served at the mountain restaurant La Chüdera, the hotel Sonne Fex works its kitchen magic on the main course, and the Hotel Seraina in Sils-Maria is responsible for dessert.

Sturdy shoes are advisable

A tour will take two to five hours, including gondola rides and the restaurant stops, depending on the mountain paths you choose. And mountain paths they really are, so make sure to put on sturdy shoes while a bit of stamina also helps to fully enjoy this alpine experience. After all, there could be little creeks to cross or rocks to scramble around.

La Chüdera welcomes you directly at Furtschellas middle station while the other two restaurants are farther off: After passing the flowering pastures of the mountain side you will reach the lovely Val Fex where the hotel Sonne Fex invites you to enjoy your well-deserved break on its spacious sun terrace or in the dining room panelled with Swiss Pine. Next culinary stop: Sils-Maria. «After dinner, rest a while. After supper, walk a mile!» the saying goes. Those in favour of the first option could take the horse-drawn carriage from Fex Platta to the pastoral village square of Sils where the Hotel Seraina has created a homemade dessert surprise for you.

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