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From the Larch to the Glacier

Lägh Cavloc and the Forno Hut

The Lägh (Bregagliot for lake) Cavloc is one of the most beautiful excursion destinations in the Engadin. This goes hand in hand with its popularity. While the lake is the destination of most day tourists, mountain hikers are drawn further into the valley, to Val Forno. Either to the pass Muretto, over which one reaches the Val Malenco and thus finds oneself in the footsteps of the smugglers, or one takes the right fork at Plan Canin to the Forno hut. A pearl among the SAC huts with delicious food.

Spring, summer, autumn, winter - the Lägh Cavolc is always worth a trip. Surrounded by larches, the lake lies idyllically at 1907 m above sea level and is easily accessible on foot and by bike. In the background the Pizzi dei Rossi rise into the landscape, which are reflected in the lake in windless conditions. In summer, either the grilling and picnic areas around the lake invite you to linger or you can take a seat on Sandro Marazzi's terrace and indulge in some culinary delights. Food cooked over wood tastes different, even better - and that's the case here. Before you head back, it's worth visiting Alp Cavloc - the goat cheese produced here is worth another indulgence.

Over Bitabergh and the Pass dal Caval

For those who want to hike a little longer, at the parking lot in Orden, first take the path over the dam wall through the larch forest following the smuggler's path to the Bitabergh lake. From here, two paths lead to Lägh Cavloc, the longer of the two going over Motta Salecina and the Pass dal Caval. From Motta Salecina you have a wonderful view into Bergell and over Lake Sils. In summer, the alpine roses are in full bloom and the view from the top of Lägh Cavloc is worth every step. The same hike can also be done in the opposite direction. If you need to cool down - go ahead, the Lägh Cavoloc does not disappoint!

The Forno hut

The path through Val Forno to the SAC hut leads you through all vegetation stages of a magnificent mountain landscape - from the forests of Maloja through the alpine rose fields and meadows above the Lägh da Cavloc to a glacier foreland with many marmots. Passing the lake and the alp, the trail turns right at Plan Canin into Val Forno. The ascent to the glacier plain is leisurely. The last hour leads up a zigzag path more steeply - but the hut flag and thus the destination is in sight. The hosts are Alena and Beat Kühnis with their daughter Lara and the hut team. A trademark of the hut is the good food - so even if you make a day trip without spending the night in the hut, you can save the food from your rucksack for later. Better to enjoy some homemade capuns here - at 2574 m above sea level - such a highlight!

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