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A Dreamy Spot

Madulain in Winter 

Madulain in Winter 

Madulain enchants in winter and invites you to numerous experiences. In the meadow landscape along the Inn River is the Madulain Ice Trail, which can also be discovered by moonlight. The Alp Es-cha Dadour toboggan run and the family skiing area of Zuoz, which is only a stone's throw away, offer fun for the whole family. Madulain is also an ideal starting point for wonderful ski and snowshoe tours as well as cross-country skiing rounds. Those who want to take it easier will find the relaxation they are looking for on the winter hiking trails.

On two blades

The Ice Path Madulain embodies the romantic image of skating in a snow-covered landscape. It leads along the Inn River for about 3 kilometers to Zuoz. The path is nestled perfectly into the sun-drenched landscape. Whether romantically hand in hand, pushing a baby carriage, or pulling the sled behind you - going up and down the path is huge fun. And after a few rounds you can cross exercise off your to-do list for the day because the fun works your legs too. Weather permitting, there is also full moon ice skating in January and February - it doesn't get more romantic than that!

For those who can't get enough ice, the ice rink in the middle of the village of Madulain is the place to be. Here, young and old feel at home - doing pirouettes, playing ice hockey, or enjoying curling. The small spot offers what you expect from an ice rink - variety and fun.

(Dog) cross-country trail Madulain 

In the Plaiv, to which Madulain belongs, people have been keen on dogs for a long time. That's why there are dog trails here, where you can take your four-legged companion for training and there is no leash requirement.  The four dog trails can be found between Samedan and Zuoz. Most of them run along the Inn River, which gives them a special charm. Especially when the deciduous trees that line the path along the river turn into works of art covered with ice crystals when it is snowy and cold. In such surroundings, cross-country skiing seems to require little effort because one is driven by the desire to see more. To see more of Madulain.

Stay in Madulain, ski in Zuoz

If you prefer to just whiz downhill, you might be more of a skier than a cross-country skier. Madulain itself has no ski slopes, but the Zuoz ski area is only a stone's throw away and offers the perfect opportunity for beginners, children, and experts who prefer to avoid the hustle and bustle of the big ski resorts. Skiing fun for the whole family or with friends.

The Chastlatsch chairlift is built in such a way that it is safe even for children over the age of four and leads directly from the free parking lot and the bus stop to the ski area. A total of five lifts are waiting to take you to the start of the sun-drenched slopes. The Gian Plaiv Fun Slope, the timed slope, and the Snow Park are particularly popular.

If you want to have more slopes to choose from, drive up to Celerina, from where you can reach the large ski area of Corviglia.

Winter hiking, sledding, and simply enjoying

Sledding in Madulain goes hand in hand with a winter hike, at least if you want to experience one of the most beautiful sledding trails the Engadin has to offer. This one leads from the alp Es-cha Dadour over 3 kilometers back to the village. As mentioned, you have to earn the descent first, but as a true Madulain fan or for those who want to become one - it's a must. The start of the winter hiking trail is at the Madulain train station. You will reach your destination after about an hour - and the view of the village and the wide Upper Engadin valley will always accompany you. You don't need to bring a picnic because it's worth taking a seat on the sunny terrace of Alp Es-cha Dadour and enjoying a soup or a Kaiserschmarren - more than deserved after the ascent! Also explore the inside of the hut, because, if you like, you can also spend the night here. And don't worry if you don't have a sled, the innkeeper is well equipped with rental sleds. Enjoy the ride - we are convinced it will not be the last time you make this trip!

Ski tours

If you come to the Engadin for ski tours, you will find a few real classics in Madulain and the surrounding area. The ski tour to the Muntischè (2604 m) starts directly in the village. The same goes for the Piz Belvair (2821 m). If you want to shorten the ascent to the Piz, you can start the tour to the summit in the skiing area of Zuoz. Those who want to undertake a tour of several days, go to the Es-cha hut, from where you can continue to the Kesch hut and the Piz Kesch, which at 3417 m is the highest mountain in the Albula Alps.

If you go off-piste, you will enter unsecured terrain. It is necessary to respect the wildlife protection zones and, if you have no experience in the terrain, it is best to take a professional to assist you.