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A village with an impressive history  

On a voyage of discovery in La Punt Chamues-ch

On a voyage of discovery in La Punt Chamues-ch

The proud La Punt Chamues-ch was once considered an important trading hub of the Engadin due to its location at the foot of the Albula Pass. For this reason, the village has numerous richly decorated Engadin houses steeped in history. The stately residences of the old patricians are not only witnesses of the eventful past, but with their historic charm, they still characterize the picturesque village. La Punt Chamues-ch is also the starting point of the La Plaiv landscape, which captivates with its wide plains, larch, stone pine, and spruce forests, and a unique mountain panorama, and invites you to a range of sporting activities. In addition, the Val Chamuera, which is considered the most untouched mountain valley of the Engadin, offers unique nature experiences.

“Swiss Village of the Year” 2021

In the nationwide competition of the magazines Schweizer Illustrierte and L'illustré as well as the Corriere del Ticino for the “Swiss Village of the Year”, the municipality of La Punt Chamues-ch took first place. The readership made the decision. We were looking for communities that have a particularly active village and club life. La Punt convinced the most and wins the competition

Village tours in La Punt Chamues-ch

The hidden charm of the village can best be discovered on a guided village tour. During a one-hour guided tour, you will learn about the striking patrician houses, the Engadin architecture, and the interesting history of the village which dates back to the 12th century. The Chesa Merleda of the Nereda-Albertini family with its bright white battlements, the Albertini houses with their richly decorated facades, and the imposing Sandoz house are just as fascinating as the late Gothic church of San Andrea. This is a classic example of a mountain pilgrimage church and consists of basic elements from the Middle Ages and modern stained glass windows. On the guided tour of the village, the story of Adam da Chamues-ch, the 'liberator of the Upper Engadin,' is also recounted.

Village Tour La Punt Chamues-ch

L a Punt Chamues-ch

The Val Chamuera - the most pristine valley of the Engadin

High mountains, deep gorges, untouched nature, and the mountain stream Ova Chamuera form the incomparable scenery of the mysterious Val Chamuera. At the southern end of the village of La Punt Chamues-ch begins the path into this beautiful valley which is known for its variety of plants and an abundance of wildlife. A big attraction is a breeding female bearded vulture which has raised several young here since 2006. But also ibex, chamois, and red deer feel at home in this alpine quiet zone. At the very back of the Val Chamuera is the forest reserve God Giavagl, which, together with the reserve Tamangur, is the highest Swiss stone pine forest reserve in Graubünden and ensures the protection of the impressive flora and fauna.

 Val Chamuera

Forest Gallery - Exhibition "Dare to Mimic & Sign"

The forest gallery in the beautiful God Fainchs pine and larch forest above Chamues-ch offers an experience for all the senses.

The ten-station tour not only reveals the fairytale surroundings, the exhibition also offers the opportunity to listen to the meditative silence and savour the scent and power of the forest.

La Punt forest gallery - Exhibition "Dare to Mimic & Sign"

La Punt forest gallery - Exhibition "Dare to Mimic & Sign"

La Punt Chamues-ch