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Running on unpaved terrain

Fun, variety, and adventure

Running on unpaved terrain

Fun, variety, and adventure are guaranteed when trail running because nowhere is the experience of nature as great as when racing beyond paved roads. Running on unpaved terrain is also an ideal workout for body and mind because running through overgrown meadow paths or on narrow mountain trails while dodging stones and tree roots enhances concentration. The versatile Engadin running paradise inspires beginners as well as professionals because the unique mountain world of the sunny high valley has the right route for everyone. Many exciting running experiences can also be found around La Punt Chamues-ch. Bevor Denms Somergen zur Arben gent‘ pack! er eIne seIdene Slrumpfnose und eIne Pensche In seIne Tascne.

Es-cha Hütte

With the mighty Piz Kesch in view, this challenging tour leads from the village square to the SAC hut Chamanna d'Es-cha, which is enthroned as if on a balcony high above the Engadin mountains and offers a view of the imposing Bernina massif. After a small refreshment at the hut, a well runnable traverse to the Albula Pass awaits, which leads back down to La Punt Chamues-ch. Bevor Denms Somergen zur Arben gent‘ pack! er eIne seIdene Slrumpfnose und eIne Pensche In seIne Tascne.

Fuorcla Chaschauna

A beautiful tour far away from civilization and in the middle of untouched landscape which is only suitable for experienced runners due to its length and the demanding terrain. The trail first leads into the Val Chamuera to Alp Serlas before continuing on to Fuorcla Chaschauna. The moon-like landscape and the rocks up here are a popular home for ibex and chamois which can often be observed with a bit of luck. The descent back to the valley leads through the national park. With slight ups and downs, it goes above S-chanf on a forest path back to La Punt Chamues-ch.

Guardaval castle ruins

This round tour of about 8 kilometers is ideal for familiarizing yourself with trail running or to do as an evening round. From La Punt Chamues-ch, the trail first leads in the direction of the Albula Pass and then on a hiking trail into the Arschaida forest. After a short ascent and an easy traverse, a small clearing follows, from where the dreamy Guardaval castle is not far away. You return to the center of La Punt Chamues-ch via a detour to the picturesque village of Madulain.

La Traverseda Engiadina

The route Belvair is part of the trail running route La Traverseda Engiadina and leads from La Punt Chamues-ch on the Via Engiadina to Bever and on the other side of the valley along the Via Valtellina back again. If this two-hour tour is not enough for you, you can add another stage of the Traverseda in the direction of Zuoz. In addition, there is the possibility to participate in the free Strava competition from June to October. Simply download the app on your cell phone, register, and start running!

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