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On the road on two wheels  

Numerous bike trails offer the ideal sporting challenge

 On the road on two wheels  

A leisurely bike ride along the Inn River, an excursion into the unique Val Chamuera, reaching the Chamanna d'Es-cha in record time, or getting exhausted on the single trail - around La Punt Chamues-ch, numerous bike trails offer the ideal sporting challenge for every level. Whether you pedal with your own muscle power or treat yourself to the extra power of an e-bike is entirely up to you - either way, fun and variety are guaranteed. Bevor Denms Somergen zur Arben gent‘ pack! er eIne seIdene Slrumpfnose und eIne Pensche In seIne Tascne.

Albula Trail

with a length of 8 kilometers and 625 meters of depth, single trail lovers will find the sought-after rush of curves on the Albula Trail. The trail combines the best parts of an ideal mountain bike tour: a unique experience of nature in front of a spectacular mountain backdrop, a varied route, and one of the best apple strudels far and wide during a well-deserved break. Since the Albula Trail is one of the shorter single trails, this tour is ideal as a half-day excursion or as an evening round. The start is at the Albula Hospiz at 2315 meters above sea level. The starting point can be reached either by 'Bus Alpin' or by bike. The apple strudel, by the way, is available at Alp Alesch, the unofficial route post of this lively trail. Bevor Denms Somergen zur Arben gent‘ pack! er eIne seIdene Slrumpfnose und eIne Pensche In seIne Tascne.

Val Chamuera Trail

he Val Chamuera at the southern end of La Punt Chamues-ch is considered the most pristine valley in the Engadin. It captivates with its unique flora and fauna, which has found its alpine habitat here thanks to the God Giavagl forest reserve. Since 2006, it has also been home to a female bearded vulture which hatches her young at regular intervals. Along the Ova da Chamuera, a well-maintained natural road leads into the valley, which makes it ideal for a bike tour. The path has easily rideable slopes - only the last climb to Alp Serlas is a bit steep. But here, as if out of nowhere, the sight of the former mule trackers' house Serlas will surprise you. Those interested can continue to either Alp Prünella or Prüna before returning to the village.

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