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Unforgettable Hikes Around La Punt Chamues-ch

Unique flora and fauna as well as spectacular landscape

Unforgettable Hikes Around La Punt Chamues-ch

Unique flora and fauna as well as spectacular landscape amidst the breathtaking Engadin mountain world provide the perfect setting for exceptional hikes. Around La Punt Chamues-ch, enthusiastic mountain trekkers will find a first-class network of well sign-posted hiking trails. Whether secluded in pristine nature, on short routes across the La Plaiv plain, or en route to a family picnic at one of the numerous grilling sites - it's a hiker’s dream come true.

Chamues-ch-Fuorcla Chaschauna-Prasüras

Away from civilization and through untouched landscapes, this long tour leads from La Punt Chamues-ch to S-chanf. The 25.5 kilometer hike first leads over the Val Timun up to the Fuorcla Chaschauna at 2802 meters above sea level before it goes steeply downhill on the alpine road towards the national park. The rocks around the alp Chaschauna offer a unique habitat for rock deer, which is why the chances of observing chamois and ibex are very good here. In addition, bearded vultures and golden eagles like to circle in the sky.

Val Chamuera to Serlas

This short hike leads along the Ova da Chamuera from La Punt Chamues-ch through the wild and romantic Val Chamuera to the alp Serlas. Here you will be surprised by the sight of an imposing farmstead which dates back to the 19th century and is considered the most important Maiensäss building in the canton of Graubünden. On the way to Alp Serlas, the untouched landscape can be enjoyed on numerous benches, while picnic and grilling spots along the river invite you to linger.

Introduction Muottas Muragl-Val Chamuera

The starting point of this hike is Muottas Muragl, which you can easily reach by funicular railroad and from where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Upper Engadin landscape with its unique lake plateau. From here you first continue to Lej Muragl, which presents itself in beautiful colors, and then to Fuorcla Muragl, the highest point of the hike. At Furocla Muragl we start the descent into the secluded Val Prüna, where not only the flora and fauna but also the silence of the mountain world are quite special. Along the Ova da Prüna the tour continues to Alp Serlas, where the sight of the mighty Säumerhaus is striking. From there it continues on a beautiful natural road to La Punt Chamues-ch.

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