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Winter fishing bliss

Ice sports

Ice fisching

Since 2019, it has also been possible to fish on Lake Sils during the winter months, from January to March. And it’s an experience that is not only reserved for die-hard fishermen.

While the latter may be more on the hunt for the most profitable namaycush possible, others are primarily concerned with the experience itself - spending a few pleasant hours in good company somewhere on Lake Sils on a beautiful day.

The day permit can be ordered online bonline - only 30 permits are issued per day. Fishing equipment can be rented at the restaurant Murtaröl in Plaun da Lej.

Order day patent

The aim of fishing in winter is to reduce the number of lake trout (namaycush) in Lake Sils, which have been introduced from Canada. Arctic char, grayling, and trout should be spared as much as possible.

Please pay attention to the leaflet for the differentiation of the animals because the young fish look quite similar to the Arctic char.

And another tip: the fish you are targeting is usually not in the 80 m deep middle of the lake but rather on the bottom near the shore.

Rules to follow

If you get involved in the ice fishing project, you should observe a few rules. To avoid damaging the cross-country ski trails and winter hiking trails that run across the lake, it is important that you drill the holes for fishing into the ice only at a distance of 30 meters from them.

What do I need for ice fishing?

  • warm and windproof clothing
  • warm footwear
  • sunglasses, sunscreen
  • snowshoes
  • sled or stool
  • ice drill
  • ice fishing rod/reel
  • scoop (to remove the ice residue from the hole)
  • shovel
  • bait
  • rubber fish
  • jigs (5g-12g)
  • jucker (zocker)
  • vertical jigs
  • natural bait (dead minnow, gullet)

For rent in the restaurant Murtaröl:

  • Ice drill: Fr. 10/day
  • Fishing rod complete with two artificial baits: Fr. 15/day

Culinary highlight

When planning a successful day, the culinary component should not be missing. At the restaurant Murtaröl you have the opportunity to buy a cheese fondue to take away on the lake.

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