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Ice-cool sports, hot action

Ice sports

Ice climbing in Pontresina

Seeking fun, adventure, challenges and a blast of adrenalin on the ice? You don’t have to look far in the Engadin. Speed, skill, style and an element of risk are all part of the mix in our different ice sports. You’re in for a thrill!

A raw experience of vertical ice

In winter, the waterfalls along the Bernina gorge by Pontresina freeze to form sparkling curtains. You can climb these icy cascades with the help of crampons and ice axes – and of course a sense of adventure. Test your limits to the max: high thrills and a blast of adrenalin are guaranteed. No need to be an experienced climber, however, or a reckless daredevil: even beginners can experience the excitement of this alpine sport under expert guidance. The Pontresina Mountaineering School takes beginners and experienced climbers alike on climbs up the frozen waterfalls of the Bernina gorge and near Silvaplana. In the northern reaches of the Val Bregaglia, too, in the Albigna region, waterfalls freeze to create dramatic and surreal sculptures of icicles, which offer adventurous ice climbing enthusiasts a variety of exciting ascents.

Unique ice experience
Icy affairs

Here you can find our icy activities

Sensational speed

Enjoy a spine-tingling 130 km/h when you hurtle down the Olympia Bob Run from St. Moritz to Celerina in a four-man bobsleigh! The world’s only natural bob track is also its oldest, and promises 75 seconds of unforgettable, high-speed thrills. Since its inauguration in 1904, the run has hosted two Winter Olympic Games as well as 24 world championships. Of course the professional crew ensures a smooth and safe ride, but it is up to you to cope with centrifugal forces of up to 4.5G acting on your body, not to mention the legendary Horse Shoe corner. Note: to enjoy this incomparable blast of adrenalin, you need a healthy heart and a minimum age of 18 years.

Bob rides for visitors

Hurtling down the ice track at 130km/h (80mph) – the world's most spectacular taxi ride.

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Bob rides for visitors

Head-first into action

It was in the mid-1880s that British tourists whiling away the winter in St. Moritz took to hurtling down the icy streets on toboggans, tummy-down and head-first. Since then this sister sport to skeleton has developed considerably, but the atmosphere is still distinctly British, from the name of the venue – "Cresta Run" – to the English-language race commentary. Riders reach speeds of up to 140 km/h as they tackle the ten tricky corners on special flat toboggans. The natural-ice run hosts about 12,000 rides each winter season; daredevil novices are warmly welcome, providing they are at least 18 years old.

Team sport on ice

Fun and sport go hand-in-hand with ice hockey. Play a game with friends or just test your skills as you practise passing the puck, shooting and scoring goals – a real kick every time! You are welcome to play at nine of the eleven ice rinks in the Engadin, some of which also offer ice hockey equipment for rental. See details of our venues here.

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