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FAQ Coronavirus/COVID-19

Coronavirus: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Where is the wearing of masks compulsory?

From Monday, 19 October 2020, it is compulsory to wear a mask in all publicly accessible indoor spaces and certain areas of educational institutions across Switzerland.

NO “publicly accessible indoor spaces” are especially workout areas of sports facilities and gyms.

«Publicly accessible indoor spaces» are:
railway stations, airports, bus stops, shops, shopping centres, banks, post offices, museums, libraries, cinemas, theatres, concert venues, restaurants, bars, discos, casinos, hotels (with the exception of guests‘ rooms), entrance areas and changing rooms in swimming pool, sports facilities and gyms, doctor’s surgeries, hospitals and places of worship, advisory centres and neighbourhood centres. Masks must also be worn in publicly accessible areas of administrative buildings.

Who does not have to wear a mask?

Children under the age of 12 do not have to wear a mask. Individuals who are unable to wear a mask for a particular reason, primarily medical, are also exempt. In restaurant businesses (incl. hotels, bars, clubs, discos etc.), guests seated at a table are not required to wear a mask.

Are masks compulsory in retail shops?

The hygiene measures for retail stores are based on the cantonal regulations. Since 19 October 2020, wearing of a mouth-nose-protection is compulsory across Switzerland in all shops.

Who controls adherence to the compulsory mask regulation?

The responsibility of the enforcement of the compulsory mask regulation in public indoor spaces lies with the respective institutions or businesses. In the event of noncompliance fines may be imposed.

What are the rules for private events?

At private events attended by over 15 people, food and drink may only be consumed while seated. Anyone standing up must wear a mask. Furthermore, hygiene rules must be observed at all times and contact details must be recorded. Private events of more than 100 people must provide a set of precautionary measures (as for public events) and may only be held in publicly accessible venues.

What about public gatherings?

Spontaneous gatherings of more than 15 persons are not permitted in public spaces such as town squares, streets, paths and parks.

Which protection concept appies to the mountain railways this winter?

The Upper Engadin mountain railways implement the measures of the protection concept of the industry association Seilbahnen Schweiz (Mountain Railways Switzerland). The following principle applies: all Swiss mountain railways are subordinate to the Federal Office of Transport (FOT) and thus are regarded equivalent to public transport. In concrete terms this means that – as on public transport across Switzerland – all passengers must wear mouth-nose-protection (MNP) inside mountain railways (cabins, gondolas, furniculars). This requirement also applies to the indoor facilities as entrance halls etc. On chairlifts, ski lifts and small transport systems wearing a MNP is NOT mandatory.

Neither the Swiss legislator nor the Federal Office of Public Health have plans to restrict the maximum number of people in cable cars or chair lifts. Any ride with our cable cars will take less than 15 minutes. In case of large crowds there will be further rides in order to undercut the maximum transport capacity.

What is the situation of the public bus transport in the Upper Engadin?

Masks are compulsory on public transport throughout the country.
The busses operate according to the summer season timetable,
please see

The PostAuto operates again until Chiavenna. The Julier bus service (St. Moritz – Bivio) as well as the Palmexpress St. Moritz – Menaggio – Lugano have also restarted operation.

What is the situation of the Rhaetian Railway operations?

Masks are compulsory on public transport throughout the country.

The Bernina Express operates daily with one train per direction to/from Tirano. The Bernina Express Bus provides connections to the Bernina Express between Tirano and Lugano.

In the Bernina Express train, the Swiss protection measures need to be followed. As soon as the passengers leave the train on Italian ground (e. g. in Tirano), the Italian authorities require them to wear masks. In the Bernina Express Bus that runs mainly on Italian territory, the Italian protective measures apply.

The Glacier Express operates again with one train per direction between St. Moritz and Zermatt.

Are the mountain railways in service?

Masks are compulsory on public transport throughout the country. The mountain railways in the Upper Engadin are operating according to the summer season timetable, please see

When does the winter skiing season 2020/21 start?

The first ski day in the Engadin takes place as planned on the Diavolezza, on 17 October. The Corvatsch and Corviglia ski season will start on 28 November. Naturally, this skiing and snowboarding season will be a bit different from the previous years but, nevertheless, we are convinced that everyone will be able to keep safe distances while enjoying the more than 300 km of slopes in our skiing region.

Can I get a refund on my ski pass if the mountain railway service is being suspended?

In the event of an official order to suspend all transport services due to a pandemic (lockdown), the selling price of tickets and subscriptions will be refunded in the form of a voucher. This voucher can be redeemed for the purchase of a ticket or subscription. Calculation of the refund (partial refund): purchase price / validity period x duration (number of days) of the official closure.

I have a ski pass from spring season. Can I get a refund due to the early closure of the mountain railways?

If you have a day pass or a multi-day pass with the validity date of 14 March 2020 (the day of the officially ordered closing) or later, you can rebook it. Please note that this decision is a gesture of goodwill as we aim to minimise the loss for our guests. In general, epidemics, pandemics or other disease outbreaks fall within the force majeur clause of our General Terms And Conditions. More info:

Will there be a refund for ski passes if the Engadin/Switzerland will be put on a quarantine/risk list?

In that case or if you cannot travel to the Upper Engadin due to health reasons, any refund is excluded. A travel cancellation insurance therefore is strongly recommended.

Are the hotels and restaurants open?

The hotels and restaurant are open; only few remained closed during the summer season. All open hotels implement the valid safety concept and are following the instructions of the health authorities.
Since Saturday, 17 October 2020, the Canton of Grisons has mandated the use of masks and face coverings in indoor spaces. In restaurants, guests must be seated at tables.

Is it possible that I will contract the virus while riding the train or the bus?

Masks are compulsory on public transport throughout the country. Tickets can be purchased from the driver, however, it is recommended to use other channels, e. g. ticket machines or online webshops or apps.

The hygiene rules published by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) apply, please see

Each night, the busses of Engadin Bus are disinfected, especially the grabpoles, stop buttons and the driver's cockpits. At the instruction of the Italian Health Ministry, the Rhaetian Railway disinfects the trains to and from Italy on a daily basis.

Do hotels and shops take precautions regarding their employees?

All employees are informed and instructed according to the recommendations of the public health authorities as well as of Hotelleriesuisse.

Are masks compulsory in shops, shopping centres and markets?

The hygiene measures in the retail sector follow the specifications of the respective canton. In the Canton of Grison there is no compulsory mask requirement. The use of protective masks is optional.

Are the hotel rooms and holiday apartments specially treated with desinfectants?

The usual measures apply: bathrooms, kitchens, door handles, light switches, remote controls, telephones, etc. will be disinfected, and the laundry will be cleaned by the Laundry & Cleaning Service.

Which protection concept applies to the mountain restaurants?

Since Saturday, 17 October 2020, the Canton of Grisons has mandated the use of masks and face coverings in indoor spaces. In restaurants, guests must be seated at tables. The mountain restaurants and bars implement the measures of the protection concept of the industry association Gastrosuisse. This means that the required minimum disctances as well as hygiene rules are being observed, and that an efficient contact tracing is being guaranteed. According to the cantonal regulation, guests must wear a mouth-nose-protection (MNP) indoor when standing or moving around. Guests seated at a table are not required to wear MNP.
Digital menus: All menus are available by QR-code in the mountain restaurants or in the cable cars that lead to the restaurants.

Which cancellation policy applies in hotels and holiday apartments?

For further information please contact the respective hotel or provider of holiday apartments.

Which directive is determinative for the implementation of safety concepts in hotels or holiday apartments?

Professional providers of holiday apartments implement the same safety concepts that are valid for hotels. Small-scale providers may use a model concept as published by the Swiss Tourist Association.

Hotels follow the directives of the hotel industry:

Do the ski & cross-country ski schools have a safety concept?

Each location of the Upper Engadin «Swiss Ski Schools» (Corvatsch-Pontresina, St. Moritz, Suvretta, Zuoz) follows a safety concept. The lessons and classes can take place as the required distances can be observed on the slopes and tracks. At meeting points or at ranking announcements the wearing of masks is compulsory when the distances cannot be observed. The lunch-time supervision of children in restaurants follow the safety concept of the respective location.

Will employees of hotels wear protective gloves?

No, as gloves are easily getting contaminated with germs.

Will hotel employees wear face shields?

No, as nearly all of the aerosols come around the side of the face shield.

Information of the municipality St. Moritz (in German only)

Clean & Safe Label

«Clean and safe» – this motto applies not only to Switzerland’s pristine nature and cities.

«Clean and safe» – this motto applies not only to Switzerland’s pristine nature and cities.

«Clean and safe» cities.