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Natural family fun

View over Silvaplana

On a walk with children, the natural world all around becomes a thrilling adventure playground. The footpaths of the Engadin promise delightful excursions for parents and kids alike: choose from a child-friendly network of routes, add some imaginative ideas for games, and every walk becomes pure family fun!

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Schellenursli Trail

Walks for families

Many Engadin footpaths fall into the category: not too long, not too steep, not too difficult. Ideal for children, in other words. Like the easy walk of about 90 minutes from the Marguns gondola summit station down to Celerina. But before you set off, the playground at Marguns will need a thorough test by your kids: giant swings, a trampoline and a bouncy castle are not things you can simply walk past and ignore!

If your children are already used to going for walks, you could add a couple more kilometres – for example, taking the glorious panoramic high trail from Alp Languard above Pontresina to Muottas Muragl. The hike of about 2 hours quickly becomes a fun wildlife-spotting game for parents and kids alike: keep your eyes peeled and with a little luck you will see some of the cute marmots and 1,800-odd ibex that have made their home in the mountains above Pontresina.

Games to add to the fun

“I spy with my little eye…” This game can go on for quite a while in the Engadin, as there is so much to see and marvel at in this pristine natural environment. On a walk you have all the time in the world for such games, as they challenge your children to observe the world around them closely. You could also organise a little treasure hunt, hiding pieces of paper with secret messages and puzzles by the side of the path as you go along. You’ll find that time flies for the whole group – and tired feet are soon forgotten.

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