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Yoga Workshops with Sita Menon: Live in Balance - Walk in Beauty


Yoga Workshops with Sita Menon: Live in Balance - Walk in Beauty

Explore this Weekend with Forrest Yoga Guardian and Teacher Sita Menon - to feel into your chronic stress Patterns, your coping Mechanisms and Core beliefs that lead you to disconnect from the Body.

Use these Practices to return to embodied Balance and Beauty.

Who in this day and age has not dealt with chronic tension in some part of the body - be that in the hips, neck, shoulders, jaw, gut, or back? With the fast-paced lifestyle that our generation tends to lead, we are so very often close to or in overwhelm: physically and emotionally. The way we respond to life´s stresses is unique to each one of us and is very connected with our core beliefs.
Core beliefs were created during our very early experiences and unconsciously define how we respond to and see the world.

What does it take to live our lives more in Balance and Integrity with everything and everyone around us?

What does it take to walk the Earth in Freedom and Beauty - in a way that is emotionally and physically pain free and in peace with our surroundings? The first step to living in Balance and Beauty is connecting at many different layers to the body and the breath.

WORKSHOP 1: Returning home to the body - SATURDAY 09.00 - 11.30
WORKSHOP 2: Connect to Core, Heal your back - SATURDAY 13.00 - 15.30
WORKSHOP 3: Inverting the perspective - SUNDAY 09.00 - 11.30
WORKSHOP 4: Integrate and Digest - SUNDAY 13.00 - 15.30

Single Workshop: Fr. 99.- *
Daypass: Fr. 159.- * (2 Workshops)
Weekend: Fr. 289.- * (4 Workshops)

* Daily SPA-Ticket included.

Mats are available.

Any of these practices can be taken as a series or as stand-alone.
For a whole and deep experience we recommend to attend all workshops.

Enjoy spacious SPA of OVAVERVA after yoga class or later in the day.

Language: English

Physical Level: All practices are All-Levels and variations will be given for any injuries.
Please let us know about injuries before class.

Yoga Workshops with Sita Menon: Live in Balance - Walk in Beauty

Every day 02.11.2019 – 03.11.2019

2. 3. November 2019

09:00 – 15:30
Ruheraum La Margna, OVAVERVA Spa, Via Maistra 17, St.Moritz
from CHF 99.00 to CHF 289.00
More Information
Alpine Yoga Ursina Badilatti
San Bastiaun 20
+41 79 570 79 88