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Unknown late Gothic frescoes in Chamues-ch, Bever and Zuoz

La Punt Chamues-ch

Unknown late Gothic frescoes in Chamues-ch, Bever and Zuoz

La Punt Chamues-ch
Discover the frescoes in Bever, Chamues-ch and Zuoz with Walter Isler. Jürg Stocker accompanies you with organ music.

The frescoes in the churches of Fex-Crasta, San Gian (Celerina) and Santa Maria (Pontresina) are well known to the interested public and are often visited. In the church of San Andrea in Chamues-ch there are frescoes by the three masters of Fex, San Gian and Pontresina. The paintings in the ancient chapel of San Bastiaun (Zuoz) with their large numerical mysticism survived the Reformation without being whitewashed. The Gothic frescoes on the western exterior wall of the church of San Giachem in Bever, which are even older and unique in the Engadin, are a special cultural asset. Walter Isler gives a guided tour of these few frescoes in Bever, Chamues-ch and Zuoz. Jürg Stocker (organ) enriches the tour.

Walter Isler came to Graubünden as a young chemist. After years in marketing, sales and management, he trained as a church guide after his retirement. He has been offering church and cultural tours in the Upper Engadine since 2021. He lives in Bever.

Jürg Stocker received his organ training from Ursula Hauser, Hansjörg Stalder and Ester Mottini. After years as an organist in Domleschg, Schams and Bergün, he has been organist in the reformed parish of the Upper Engadine since 2017, primarily in Samedan, Bever and La Punt Chamues-ch.

Meeting point

Thursday, 20 June 2024 at 13:45 in front of the church in Bever Duration until approx. 16:30 in Zuoz Transfer between the stations by public transport (Engadin Bus) Bus ticket is the responsibility of the participants Free admission No registration required

20. June 2024

Thursday | 20.06.2024

from 13:45 – 16:30
Kirchen San Giachem Bever, San Andrea Chamues-ch und Kapelle San Bastiaun Zuoz, La Punt Chamues-ch
free admission
More Information
Walter Isler
Via Maistra 28
+41 79 471 19 49