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Science aperitif: Art World Engadine

Sils i.E.

Science aperitif: Art World Engadine

Sils i.E.
Moderated by Mirella Carbone, artistic director of the Segantini Museum in St. Moritz and research associate at the Institute for Cultural Research Graubü ...

Since 2006, the Sils branch of the Institute for Cultural Research Graubünden (ikg) has regularly held science aperitifs, an event format related to the well-known science cafés. Only in Sils there really is an aperitif after the event. In terms of content, the aim is to discuss socially relevant topics that have to do with the region, taking into account scientific perspectives, without lapsing into a purely technical discourse.

The Science Aperitif on 22 October 2021 will be dedicated to the theme ´´Engadine Art World´´. The Graubünden valley has always been a place of inspiration and a meeting place for artists from near and far, but also, due to its wealthy clientele, a Mecca for the art trade. Where are the connections between art creation and art trade in the valley? Between local and international art? Between museums and galleries? How does the interplay between anchoring in the valley and connecting the local with the global work? What role does "art tourism" play in the Engadine? Is there a young local art scene in the valley? These are some of the questions that will be at the centre of the discussion.

The panel will include Adrian Ehrbar (Director St. Moritz Tourism), Cornelia Schwab and Christof Rösch (Directors NAIRS), Chasper Schmidlin, architect (Muzeum Susch) and curator (Galerie La Stalla Madulain) and Elsbeth Bisig Tschudi (Galerie Tschudi, Zuoz). The moderator was Mirella Carbone, artistic director of the Segantini Museum in St. Moritz and research assistant at the ikg. Other players from the Engadine world of art, politics and tourism have also been invited to the event to contribute to the discussion on this multifaceted topic from the audience.

Admission is free, an aperitif will be offered.

Covid-19: 3G event with certificate requirement: vaccinated, recovered or tested.


Sils Tourist Information, T +41 81 838 50 50,,


Registration required. Limited number of places.


Free admission

Advance booking

Kubus Mirella Carbone, +T 41 81 826 52 24,

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22. October 2021

Friday | 22.10.2021

at 17:30
Hotel Waldhaus, Sils i.E.
More Information
Kulturbüro Sils / Segl KUBUS Mirella Carbone
Via da Marias 110
Sils Maria
+41 81 826 52 24