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KULIMUTH: "Gianni Schicchi - Il tribunal" with Opera Engiadina

Sils i.E.

KULIMUTH: "Gianni Schicchi - Il tribunal" with Opera Engiadina

Sils i.E.
Giacomo Puccini's comedy with a courtroom scene by Manfred Ferrari (text) and Robert Grossmann (music) - Commissioned by Opera Engiadina

With "Trittico", Giacomo Puccini wanted to present audiences with a tragic (Il tabarro), a lyrical (Suor Angelica) and a light-hearted piece (Gianni Schicchi) all in one evening. First performed at the Metropolitan Opera in 1918, these three one-act operas have been on the repertoires of opera houses ever since - sometimes in combination with other short operas. To mark the 100th anniversary of Giacomo Puccini's death, OPERA ENGIADINA, under the direction of Claudio Danuser, is now staging the comedy "Gianni Schicchi" in a special version for chamber orchestra. "Gianni Schicchi" tells the story of a clever guy from Florence who, in a scheming inheritance scam, snatches the best pieces of the inheritance for himself, thus creating a monument to Dante Alighieri in his "Divine Comedy". However, a version specially made for the Engadin means that the opera is relocated to Poschiavo without further ado. The conviction of Schicchi by the district court in Samedan is depicted in a contemporary framework story in Romansh. The starting point of the trial are Schicchi's last words to the audience, in which he asks for "mitigating circumstances in hell" for his mischievous deeds:

"Ma con licenza del gran padre Dante, se stasera vì siete divertiti, concedetemi voi l'attenuante!"

"But with the permission of the great father Dante, if you have enjoyed yourselves this evening, you will grant me extenuating circumstances!"


Lorenzo Polin, President of the Court of Samedan (narrator) Fabrice Raviola, Gianni Schicchi (Bass) Sara-Bigna Janett, Lauretta (soprano) Barbara Schroeder, Zita (mezzo-soprano) Christoph Waltle, Rinuccio (tenor) Michael Stern, Gherardo (baritone) Flurina Danuser, Nella (soprano) Sarina Weber, Ciesca (soprano) Martin Roth, Betto di Signa (baritone) Radovan Jovanovic, Simone (bass) Jachen Janett, Dr. Spinelloccio (Bass) Claudio Danuser, Amatio di Nicolao (Bass)

Manfred Ferrari, director Claudio Danuser, conductor Graubünden Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra

Program: Giacomo Puccini (1858-1924) Gianni Schicchi, opera in one act (in an arrangement by Mathias Weigmann) - with a Romanesque court scene as a framework story by Manfred Ferrari (text) and Robert Grossmann (music)

Translated with DeepL.com

15. 16. June 2024

Saturday | 15.06.2024

from 21:15

Sunday | 16.06.2024

from 17:30
Hotel Waldhaus, Sils i.E.
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