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Cinema: Meine Freundin Conni


Cinema: Meine Freundin Conni

For the first time Conni goes on a big journey without her family! Of course, her best friends Anna and Simon are also there, only her kitten Mau is not allowed to come along.

No sooner has Conni arrived at the youth hostel than she discovers that Mau has travelled with her as a stowaway. But pets are not allowed in the accommodation and to make matters worse, the youth hostel owner Mrs. Weingärtner is allergic to cat hair. Conni tries to hide Mau, but the cheeky tomcat causes a lot of nonsense. Mrs Weingärtner blames her son´s pet, the sweet raccoon en Oskar, and wants to take him to the zoo. And then various things also disappear. Conni and her friends have to act quickly. Will the children succeed in rescuing raccoon Oskar, taming Mau and finding a real thief? For years, the stories about the girl in the red and white striped sweater have fascinated children and their parents. The first Conni book was published in 1992 and has since sold well over 40 million copies. Now the first Conni animated film is coming to the cinemas: "My girlfriend Conni - Secret about tomcat Mau" by director Ansgar Niebuhr, who has become famous with "Princess Lillifee", among others. An adventure with Conni, her friends and above all with tomcat Mau, which is not only funny and exciting, but also conveys values such as honesty and friendship in a light-hearted way.

Children´s film weeks 28.09. - 11.10.2020
children CHF 5.00 / adults CHF 10.00
all movies in German spoken

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29. September 2020  11. October 2020

Tuesday | 29.9.2020

at 14:00

Sunday | 4.10.2020

at 17:00

Tuesday | 6.10.2020

at 14:00

Sunday | 11.10.2020

at 16:00
Cinema Rex, Via Cruscheda 5, Pontresina
More Information
Cinema Rex Oscar Schönenberger
Via Cruscheda 5
+41 81 842 88 42