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Kino: La cordillera de los sueños


Kino: La cordillera de los sueños

Patricio Guzmán, Chile 2019, 85 Min., over 14, SP/d/f

Awarded as best documentary film in Cannes 2019, this is the most personal film of Chilean Patricio Guzmán. In addition to the Andes, which dominate Chile´s landscape, he is also concerned with the country´s history. Thus, what is called memory is once again at the centre of "La cordillera de los sueños", and memories are now more than ever connected with images. His film is a work of awareness, one that not least poses the question of the meaning of images in an age when anyone who owns a mobile phone can also make films.

For hotel guests the cinema is included.

Film plus dinner, 3 courses Fr. 65.00.

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11. September 2020  9. October 2020

Friday | 9.10.2020

from 21:00
Kino Hotel Castell, Zuoz
CHF 12.00
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Hotel Castell
Via Castell 300
+41 81 851 52 53