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80. Engadin Festival zu Gast in Sils: Alexandra Dovgan piano

Sils i.E.

80. Engadin Festival zu Gast in Sils: Alexandra Dovgan piano

Sils i.E.
From 25 July to 8 August 2020, the churches and hotels in Zuoz, Pontresina, Samedan, St. Moritz, La Punt, Celerina and Sils Maria will be filled with the finest classical sounds.

"We are experiencing something very special here. It would not be right to call 12-year-old Alexandra Dovgan a "wunderkind", because her piano playing is a miracle, but there is nothing childlike about it. Her interpretations are those of an adult, a fully formed personality. It is a special pleasure for me to refer in this context to her remarkable teacher Mira Marchenko. But there are things that can neither be learned nor taught. Alexandra Dovgan has an unusually versatile and balanced talent. Her playing is truthful and concentrated. I predict a great future for her." With these words the great pianist Grigory Sokolov introduced Alexandra Dovgan at her debut at the 2019 Salzburg Festival. And she played "in a state of complete immersion, coupled with a very great, yes, infectious joy of playing", as the observer reported online.

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80. Engadin Festival zu Gast in Sils: Alexandra Dovgan piano
28. July 2020

Tuesday | 28.7.2020

at 21:00
Hotel Waldhaus, Sils i.E.
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Engadin Festival
Postfach 110
St. Moritz
+41 81 838 51 00