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Go further on an e-bike

Mountain biking

Bernina Express Route 673

E-mountain bikes are becoming ever more popular. On the Engadin’s vast trail network, the many advantages of e-bikes become clear: more fun on group trips, a wider choice of routes, and the chance to explore further afield.

Top tip: Uphill flow

You can really feel the benefits of an e-bike on a ride from the Morteratsch car park to the base station of the Diavolezza cable car. The “Uphill Trail”, separated from the downhill track, presents a variety of gradients as it twists through the “God Chapütschöl” forest: an easy ride on an e-MTB. However, other routes are unsuitable for e-bikes – notably those with long sections along which you have to push or carry your bike, given that e-bikes weigh much more than conventional models.

A battery to broaden your horizons

Trails that are fun on a mountain bike are generally good for e-MTBs, too. The new Albula Trail, for example, is ideal for your first experience of singletrack. You can also have a lot of fun on your e-bike along the Flow Trails on Corviglia. And you could spend days on end exploring the intricate network of natural trails along the main valley floor of the Engadin, the routes in the many side valleys and the Inn cycle trail (Inn-Radweg). What is your kind of e-bike terrain?

E-bikes are a different ride

E-bikes offer other advantages, too. Thanks to the extra speed, you can go further and see more on any trip, whether it is a short evening ride or a full-day adventure. And since you can select how much help the electric motor provides, the e-bike allows people with different fitness levels to ride as a group, and enjoy as much or as little of a workout as they wish. Not feeling energetic? No problem – with an e-bike you can still have lots of fun without a great deal of effort.

The all-day excursion becomes an evening ride

Can any cyclist ride an e-bike? Yes, but there are differences. The additional weight of the battery and motor shifts the bike’s centre of gravity and thereby the way it handles. The extra speed demands greater attention and lengthens braking times. It is therefore well worth joining a class in riding technique. The region’s bike guides will happily share the expertise you need. How do I set the level of motor assistance in steep terrain? How do I calculate the range of the battery? Is there a correct way to recharge the battery? Which routes are not suitable for e-MTBs? Incidentally, there are free classes in e-MTB riding technique every Saturday.

Bike transport by cableway, railway and bus

Cableways, funiculars, the Rhaetian Railway and local buses allow an endless variety of adventures.

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Bike transport by cableway, railway and bus
Mountain bike-friendly hotels

These hotels offer the best service for mountain bikers.

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Bever Lodge, Bever
Guide & School

Skils and Trails Training.

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Guide & School

New to e-bikes? Start at a rental outlet

The idea that e-bikes are cumbersome and only serve to get you from A to B is way out of date. See for yourself: test the latest generation of e-bikes at one of the valley’s rental outlets. You’ll find high-quality e-bikes and professional staff to advise you. If you have not yet tried a modern e-bike, you will be amazed how fun they are to handle and how easy to manoeuvre.

E-bike transport

For trips further afield, you can also take your e-bike with you on trains and buses, as well as on the funiculars and cable cars that access the mountain bike trails on Corviglia. On the Rhaetian Railway, you simply load the bike on yourself. With the local “Engadin Bus” company, your e-bike travels with you in the vehicle, provided sufficient space is available. Graubünden PostBuses will carry a maximum of two e-bikes because of load restrictions. Before setting off on a ride, check with the relevant operator about the possibility of e-bike transport and whether reservations are required.

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