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Cross-country skiing – the perfect workout

Cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing – the perfect workout

Whatever style of cross-country skiing you choose, this is the perfect winter sport for all-round fitness. As you exercise in the fresh mountain air, you burn about 700 calories per hour; the full-body workout boosts circulation and strengthens muscles, too.

The holistic therapeutic effects of cross-country skiing are well documented: the sport supports a healthy mind as well as a healthy body, thanks to the activity’s rhythmic and meditative character.
The Nordic sport and the Engadin make the perfect match, and that fact is officially confirmed. The “Wellness Destination” label, awarded by the Swiss Tourism Federation to St. Moritz, is given only to resorts with a comprehensive approach to wellness that meets the highest quality standards.

Whatever style of cross-country skiing you choose...

...This is the perfect winter sport for all-round fitness.

Good for the heart

Stay active and fit in winter, too! Cross-country skiing is a sport for all age groups, as the movements involved are gentle on the joints, activate all muscle groups and are ideal for moderate endurance training. For those who would like to do more still for their cardiac health, the Engadin offers seven specially designated “heart trails”.

These short loops are equally suited to the elegant classic style as well as the more dynamic skating style of cross-country skiing. They have no gradients, so they are ideal for people with heart conditions and for novice skiers.

Small is beautiful

In our pretty side valleys, Nordic skiers find sparkling scenery, snow-covered forests and pure tranquillity – and feel in total harmony with nature. To top off the experience? A gastronomic treat at one of the cosy mountain restaurants deep in the valley.
Small is beautiful - our side valleys

These havens offer cross-country skiers an escape into a pristine natural world.

Small is beautiful - our side valleys

Before you set off on a cross-country ski trail, we recommend…

… doing a good warm-up before you start. Especially in colder temperatures, your heart needs time to build up speed.

… beginning gently. Start at a leisurely pace and increase your speed only gradually.

… that you aim to avoid overexerting yourself. Your breathing and pulse rates should increase only moderately. If you ski with a companion, you should be able to speak together comfortably as you go, without getting out of breath.

… listening carefully to what your body is telling you. Do you feel fit and healthy? If so, we wish you enjoyable skiing on our trails! Or do you feel pain or a sensation of pressure in your chest, with persisting feelings of shortness of breath, giddiness, nausea or faintness? Then please call for emergency medical help by dialling 144.

Comprehensive information on heart disease – from prevention to research and the latest findings – is available from the Swiss Heart Foundation:

Swiss Heart Foundation
Dufourstrasse 30
Postfach 368
3000 Bern 14

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