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The joy of a challenging hike


Bearded vulture at Swiss National Park Zernez

Ambitious mountain sports enthusiasts usually have something in common: they generally share the belief of “Why not go a little higher, faster, and further?” It is not always easy to meet this demand, which is why we consider ourselves lucky to be able to help ourselves to the rich treasure trove of all the Engadin hiking world has to offer. Because here you can find everything that makes the ambitious hiker's heart beat faster: Hikes lasting several hours, steep climbs, opportunities to tackle many vertical meters, and unbeatable panoramic views.

With the approximately 6-hour pass hike from Maloja over the Lunghin Pass to Casaccia in the Bergell, you are choosing one of the most fascinating mountain routes in the Alps. The sight of wild scree and rubbled slopes will give you goosebumps, while the idyllic mountain streams and meadows will bring a smile to your face. At the top of the pass there is another special feature to marvel at, for there you will find the only triple watershed in Europe: To the Black Sea via the Inn and the Danube the water flows towards the east; to the northwest it flows into the Julia, the Rhine, and finally into the North Sea; and the third arm stretches towards the southwest, first as the Maira into Lake Como, then via the Po into the Mediterranean.

Over hill and dale towards heaven

For ambitious hikers, the approximately 6-hour tour from Madulain via the Chamanna d'Es-cha to Madulain is also an option. The steep ascent first leads through the forest and across lush alpine pastures to Alp Es-cha Dadour, before the trail leads into Val Müra and up to Chamanna d'Es-cha. Once at the top, the view over the Engadine is enchanting, as the hut lies like a balcony above the high valley, flanked by the mighty Piz Kesch in the back.

The long hike from St. Moritz's local mountain Piz Nair to Chamanna Jenatsch to Bever leads through a geologically interesting area. Before you start the demanding hike, you will enjoy one of the most spectacular views over the Engadine lake plateau and the impressive mountain world on the Piz Nair, which you can reach comfortably by mountain railroad. The varied tour first leads to the highest mountain hut in Graubünden, the Chamanna Jenatsch, where you can recharge your batteries for the rest of the way. Along the rushing Beverin stream you will finally reach the fairytale Val Bever, from where the Rhaetian Railway will take you back to your starting point.

Whichever route you choose, you should definitely have a head for heights and be sure-footed as soon as you leave the red and white marked paths and enter high alpine territory.

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