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Summer in Bever

Fairytale excursion ideas


The fascinating mountain world around Bever invites you to numerous activities. The village is centrally located and offers everything for families, hikers, bikers, trail runners, and nature lovers.

Here we present our summer highlights in and around Bever. You will soon see that you must not miss the fairytale Val Bever.

Fairytale trail

Rediscover the child in you. Isn't it a gift to see the world through a child's eyes? They are the ones who take us by the hand and carry us off into a world we had forgotten. The fairytale path from Bever to Spinas does the same. It runs upstream on the left side of the valley and stops at eight stations where you are greeted by giant sculptures by local artists and illustrated stories that can be read in large-format storybooks. They were written by Engadin authors and are also available for purchase in the form of a convenient book in five languages. After about 5 kilometers, the Restaurant Spinas invites you to stop for a bite to eat. You can return on foot, by horse-drawn carriage, or by train.

Single trail dream: Suvretta Loop

The Suvretta Loop is one of the top mountain bike tours in the Engadin. It leads through the Val Suvretta and Val Bever over 33 kilometers and a little more than 1000 meters in altitude. The start is in Celerina, from where it always goes uphill. Marguns, then Corviglia, and then another crisp 200 meters in altitude to the start of the trail, which leads around the Piz Nair. The landscape is uniquely beautiful so it is worthwhile every now and then to take a break and take in the view. The flowing trail through Val Suvretta leads for six kilometers to Val Bever, where the trail turns into a wide gravel path. The scenery is no less spectacular. Tip: If you do the trail early in the morning or late in the afternoon, you can enjoy all the beauty of nature mainly on your own. An aperitif in the cozy bar of the Bever Lodge, the first modular hotel made entirely of wood, provides a successful finish.

Hiking: To the highest Graubünden SAC hut

At the end of Val Bever, the Chamanna Jenatsch is enthroned at 2651 m above sea level above the valley. There are no crowds of people here. But like-minded people meet here who enjoy hiking, appreciate nature, and are attracted by the experience of spending the night in a hut. Understandably, nothing beats a sunset and a sunrise away from it all. You can reach the hut from the Julier Pass, from Val Bever, or from Piz Nair. No matter which way you choose, the alpine landscape with its unique geology is spectacular and with a little luck you can observe ibex.

The Chamanna Jenatsch is also on the route of the Bernina Trek, a long-distance hike with up to seven stages.

And finally, a tip for the hardy among you - not far from the hut, in the direction of the Julier Pass, is a glacial lake. Do you dare to jump into the chilly water?

Further hikes around Bever

Awarded: The Beverin

In 2021, the Beverin was the first river to receive the label "Gewässerperle PLUS." With this, Bever commits itself to continue caring for the river, which is worthy of protection and is wild and untouched over long stretches. It has its source at approximately 2900 meters above sea level, from where it finds its way through rocky gorges into the Val Bever. Surrounded by alluvial landscapes and shallow moors, the mountain stream is also a habitat for rare animal and plant species - even the otter has been sighted here. The Beverin can hardly receive a greater compliment, as the otter only visits ecologically good and intact waters. Experience this natural paradise on a hike from Bever to Chamanna Jenatsch or via Fuorcla Crap Alv towards Preda.

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On the road: carriage ride

Many roads lead to the Val Bever, that much is clear by now. And there are just as many ways to make the journey. If you like to travel leisurely and want to reinforce the feeling of being in a fairytale forest, you can board one of the horse-drawn carriages in Bever. But for that extra romantic touch you will want to come back in winter - that feeling of being bundled up, the snow, and the horses - it's something that summer, as beautiful as it is, can't offer.

If you need to travel fast and efficiently, the train stops in Spinas on demand. For all other train rides that are possible in the Engadin, however, you should take your time.

Train rides to take your breath away

A ride on the Rhaetian Railway (RhB) is well worth making at any time of year.

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Train rides

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