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Hiking tips in the Bernina Glaciers experience

Bernina Glaciers - the grisons glacier experience

Hiking tips in the Bernina Glaciers experience

Hiking tips in the Bernina Glaciers experience
Hiking fans will find exactly what they’re looking for in the region between Pontresina and the Val Poschiavo. Whether it’s a gentle panoramic hike, the Glacier Experience Trail on the Diavolezza, spectacular summit ascents, an interesting themed hike or a long hike lasting several days – the South Grisons hiking world has something for all hiking enthusiasts.

Here is a small selection as inspiration.

Tip: 1 Glacier Experience Trail on the Diavolezza

The experience trail starts and ends at the Diavolezza mountain station (2,978 m). The mountain hiking trail meanders back down towards the Pers Glacier, goes along part of its lateral moraine and then goes back up to Diavolezza. Allegra in the “ballroom of the Alps”, welcome to the Glacier Experience Trail.

Tipp: 2 Ospizio Bernina – Alp Grüm – Cavaglia

From Ospizio Bernina (2,253 m), a flat trail goes along the Lago Bianco to the southern dam. It continues here down to the Alp Grüm (2,091 m), where you can enjoy a fantastic view of the Val Poschiavo and the Palü Glacier. To get from the Alp Grüm to Cavaglia (1,693 m) you can take the trail via either Lagh da Palü or Stablini – La Dotta.

Tip: visit the “pots of the giants” in the Cavaglia Glacier Garden.

Tip: 3 Diavolezza glacier hike

Go with expert mountain guides on a hike from the Diavolezza and through the beautiful ice and mountain world, past gigantic ice blocks and glacial mills towards Morteratsch. Registration until 4 pm on the day before at the Pontresina Mountaineering School.

Tip: 4 Cavaglia – Le Prese

Getting here: With the Rhaetian Railway to Cavaglia. It’s definitely worth making the detour to the easily accessible glacial mills of Cavaglia. Just like the Rhaetian Railway, the hiking trail winds its way down into the valley floor of Poschiavo.

Tip: 5 Val da Camp nature conservation area

Getting here: with the Rhaetian Railway to Ospizio Bernina or Poschiavo. Then with the postbus to Sfazú or La Rösa / with the postbus from Sfazú. The numerous, clear mountain lakes unite the individual scenic spots into a harmonious whole.

Restaurants and accommodation options in Lungacacqua and Alp Camp (2,064 m).

Tip: 6 Diavolezza – Munt Pers – Diavolezza

A narrow mountain path takes you from the Diavolezza mountain station (2,978 m) to Munt Pers (3207 m). The terrain is steep in parts and requires a certain amount of surefootedness. The beautiful view of the Pers Glacier and Morteratsch Glacier, Piz Palü, Bellavista and Piz Bernina – the highest mountain in the Eastern Alps (4,049 m) – is breathtaking. You go back down the same way. Enjoying the sunrise from Munt Pers is a particularly impressive experience.

Tip: 7 Pontresina - Val Roseg - Pontresina

The tour into the lovely Val Roseg starts from Pontresia station. Cross the river at the first bridge and hike down into the valley on the same side of the river. The trail leads past crystal-clear streams, blueberry bushes and through a primitive wood. If you’re lucky you’ll see some chamois. The valley opens up at the last bridge and your gaze wanders over the snow-covered Sella Group. Take a break at the Hotel Restaurant Roseggletscher. You can go back to Pontresina on foot or with the carriage.