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A 3,000-year tradition of relaxation in the Engadin


Castell Zuoz

Since time immemorial, visitors to the Engadin have refreshed their tired feet in the region’s bubbling mineral springs. Over the years, this tradition has evolved to give rise to a wide range of wellness facilities and therapies that offer the perfect remedy for any need.

The Engadin boasts a long tradition of wellness. This dates back at least to the Bronze Age – about 3,400 years ago – when bathers at the St. Mauritius springs built the first pool to capture the mineral-rich waters. Today, visitors can still admire the ancient wooden structure at the Forum Paracelsus in St. Moritz.

 No matter the weather, let’s have fun together!
Let’s keep the weather outside.

Any weather is wellness weather!

the ancient wooden structure at the Forum Paracelsus in St. Moritz. Centuries later, the ancient Romans discovered the thermal springs for themselves. They found that the valley’s bubbling water, rich in iron and carbon dioxide, had a wonderfully refreshing effect on tired feet – perfect preparation for long marches over the mountain passes.

Today, the Engadin water still works wonders – especially when heated and scented with essential oils. Breathing aromatic clouds of water vapour, perspiring at temperatures of up to 90°C or soaking in a soothing whirlpool bath not only relaxes taut limbs but also boosts the immune system, prevents muscles from becoming stiff and stimulates blood circulation – so that the whole body is fit for new adventures.
A good place to go for some blissful relaxation in water is the MTZ Heilbad St. Moritz next to the Forum Paracelsus on Paracelsusplatz. The address suggests it was here that the famous physician declared that water from the local springs could be taken as medicine and would boost digestion. Visitors who wish to try for themselves can sip the sour-tasting water from the springs at the Forum Paracelsus.

Treat for cloudy days

Although it may feel as though the sun shines 365 days a year in the Engadin, the high-altitude valley does experience the occasional damp or cool day. This is the best occasion for visiting a sauna, thermal pool or spa, where the tranquillity and enveloping warmth invite visitors to linger the whole day in heavenly relaxation. Take the “bathing ritual” at the Samedan Mineral Bath & Spa, for example, in which guests work their way up through the various scented, steam-filled baths of the multi-storey spa to finish their journey at the rooftop pool, from which they can gaze, perfectly relaxed, at the glorious Engadin mountain scenery.

Grand Hotel des Bains Kempinski St.Moritz - Stone Sauna

Experience relaxed wellness moments in a wellness oasis.


Day spas

At many hotels, pure relaxation awaits just round the corner: guests can head straight to the in-house spa in a bathrobe. Non-residents, too, can often take advantage of the seductive facilities – with one of the many “Day Spa” deals with which hotels open the doors of their wellness areas to all visitors. The Hotel Castell in Zuoz, for example, welcomes all to its sumptuous hammam and its dramatic outdoor rock pool for a journey to enchant the senses.

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