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Autumn Bucket List

Autumn activities & experiences

Autum at Morteratschglacier

A colorful offer in autumn

Do you want to enjoy autumn in the Engadin with all of your senses? To relish it to the fullest? But are you overwhelmed by the wide variety of choices of activities? Don’t panic! We have put together a list for you. Guided by these 10 «best of» suggestions for alpine sporting activities, art and cultural pleasures and culinary delights, you can fill your autumn holidays in the Engadin to the brim with blissful moments just right for you.

1. Let off steam in the Pontresina Rope Park!

Swinging, wiggling, flying, hopping and climbing around, between and under treetops add extra fun to your day. This exciting parcours is a perfect family destination as it provides challenging entertainment to both adults and kids (from 4 years of age).

Children under the age of 13 are only admitted to the park if they are accompanied by an adult. Visitors are given expert instruction, equipped with safety equipment and assessed on a test route. Those who pass the test are then free to swing and climb to their heart's content.

Registration compulsory

Pontresina Rope Park
Go Vertical GmbH
7504 Pontresina
Mobile: +41 79 269 24 64

Rope park ParcAlpin

The Rope Park is located in Prasüras in S-chanf in front of the entrance to the beautiful Val Trupchun.

more info
Rope park ParcAlpin

2. Walk on ice: glacier trekking to Crap Pers

«Impressive» - «gigantic» - «spectacular» … when asked to describe the glacier trek across the Pers glacier towards Piz Palü, we always get carried away. But instead of simply hearing us rave about it, you should treat yourself to this amazing nature experience and see & feel it for yourself!

Glacier trekking Crap Pers 3250m
You seek to conquer our mountains?

Don’t even try. They will conquer YOU. And your heart.

3. Challenge your friends on the golf course

Are you ready for the Autumn Golf Week? Great! But bear in mind, this week is not just about relaxed rounds with your buddies – it’s all about competing in five tournaments, appreciating sumptuous culinary arts, enjoying great evening entertainment and making the most of exceptional packages offered by the Engadin golf hotels.

Golf in the Engadin

For professionals, amateurs and young players alike, our golf courses offer thrilling challenges to suit all tastes.

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Golf inclusive

Unlimited green fees for CHF 225.- plus accommodation

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Golf inclusive

4. Observe wildlife in the Val Roseg or Val Trupchun

«In the wee small hours of the morning / while the whole wide world is fast asleep” sings Frank Sinatra. But whereas his musical alter ego lies awake, thinks about the girl and never, ever thinks of counting sheep, you are wide awake, standing in an Engadin valley and experiencing an unforgettable start to your day. Following your guide through the Val Roseg or Val Trupchun, both rich in game, you wait … listen … look … and spot!

Val Trupchun

5. Be part of the St. Moritz lifestyle

St. Moritz is thoroughly cosmopolitan. The Alpine resort’s blend of glamour, action and nature rivals that of even the world’s greatest cities. It’s a place rich in tradition and yet a real trendsetter that stages international world-class events throughout the year– such as the Digital Arts Festival WINDOW OF THE WORLD which follows the theme «Re-Creation of Humanity» and during which popular artists present their digital works in a unique setting.

St. Moritz Lifestyle

Introducing the St. Moritz Lifestyle

6. Savour regional game specialities

Fans of full-flavoured dishes of wild game are definitely aware that autumn is game season! Be sure to allow yourself enough time to swoon over the delicious culinary delights from local hunting grounds. The chefs at our restaurants, at the autumn markets and at the regional culinary events will be more than happy to indulge your taste buds.

7. Discover autumn on wheels – by train or by bike

Its red coloured trains perfectly complement the gold of the forests that surround its tracks; the Rhaetian Railway is as much a part of the Engadin landscape as its mountains and its lakes. Don’t miss a journey with this UNESCO World Heritage labeled attraction that is as efficient as it is comfortable. Equally dazzling, but far more sportive, is the exhilarating mountain bike ride on the Corviglia Flow Trail.

Bernina Express Route 673
Bernina Express Route 673

8. Listen to the “megaphone” of the Alps

What does Mozart have to do with our Autumn Bucket List? Not much, admittedly, but we would like to share with you the fun fact that his dad Leopold Mozart wrote a three-movement “Sinfonia pastorella for alphorn and orchestra in G major” with the last movement being an actual “presto”! Can you imagine the portly alphorn in a hurry? Not really, right? That’s why its pleasing sounds create the perfect musical backdrop for the alphorn apéros in Pontresina and at Muottas Muragl.

Event calender

Events in the Engadin

Event calender

9. Celebrate at the «Festa della Castagna»

Where can you find Europe’s most extensive chestnut groves? Right around the corner from the Engadin, in the lovely Val Bregaglia, a charming southern valley of the Swiss Alps. Here the sweet chestnut is considered an honorary citizen, and it is honoured with both big and small festivities traditionally during the month of October. So, come on, join the party! And don’t miss out on the main “festa” on 11 October in the quaint villages of Castasegna, Bondo and Soglio!

Chestnut festival in Bregaglia valley 2020

In Val Bregaglia, just before the chestnut harvest, there is an annual festival dedicated to the autumn fruit: culinary experiences, excursions, meetings and celebrations.

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Chestnut festival
PostBus Bregaglia inclusive

Guests staying more than one night in a participating hotel or holiday apartment benefit from free PostBus travel to the valley of Val Bregaglia.

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PostBus Bregaglia inclusive

10. Go for a hike on the Via Engiadina

This queen of Engadin hiking trails is so multi-faceted that each step is pure joy. It doesn’t matter if you spend an hour, half a day or half a week on this high route. On this sun-kissed discovery tour you will experience hiking pleasures back-to-back like pearls on a string.