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Culture and customs

Arts and Culture

The Engadin – a cultural treasury

Here, among mountains and valleys, visitors find pristine nature – and world-class culture. Attractions include unique architecture as well as award-winning museums and galleries with a global reputation. The packed calendar of concerts and other events includes cultural gems that draw the attention of the international arts scene and make our region a place of pilgrimage for connoisseurs. This is nothing new: for generations, writers and poets have chosen the Engadin as a source of inspiration and inner tranquillity.

Artistic journeys of discovery

A world of art, a valley of culture: the Engadin has a well-established track record of hosting a wide variety of world-class events in the fields of music, art and literature. Top international names meet cosmopolitan audiences; living tradition turns history into captivating stories.

«Allegra!» Meet our language

All good things come in fours. This Swiss saying received official confirmation on 20 February 1938. Find out here what that date signifies and how Ladin, Puter and Vallader shape our daily life in the Engadin.
“Allegra!” Meet our language

Meet our language.

Arts and Culture

All you need for your cultural holiday

Three linguistic regions meet in one high alpine valley whose natural landscapes have long inspired artists from all over the world: no wonder the Engadin boasts one of the most diverse cultural scenes in Switzerland. We show where you can walk in the footsteps of great artists, admire magnificent architecture and attend performances of virtuoso quality.

Museums, galleries, exhibitions

Art experts agree: the Engadin is the new hotspot on the international cultural map. See what is making them so excited!

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Segantini Museum
Architectural gems

Medieval churches, ancient farmhouses and ornate “sgraffito” decorations on facades give a unique character to the towns and villages.

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Protestant church San Gian
Cultural delicacies

Cultural food highlights.

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Engadiner Nut Cake, by Kochendörfer Pontresina

Gift of our fragrant forests

The experience is familiar: you reach a clearing warmed by the sun and instinctively stop to take deep breaths of the fragrant air. The gnarled Swiss stone pine gives us rest, protection and strength: no wonder, the “Queen of the Alps” is a strong character herself and a real survivor.
Engadin Pine trees

Visitors invariably fall for the heady scent of the Engadin forests.

Engadin Pine trees
Arts and Culture

Deals & offers

Make music, listen to stylish performances, immerse yourself in living traditions: choose from a wide range of cultural activities on offer over the Engadin summer. Sounds appealing? If you love the arts, you’ll adore our region.

Romansh language courses

Learn Romansh at a choice of courses (one-week courses, intensive courses, holiday courses) at various locations in the Engadin.

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Village Tours

Get acquainted with the stories of the villages by local guides, visit the sights and experience «la vita engiadinaisa» (Engadine life).

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Goodbye winter!

On 1 March, people in Engadin villages ring bells, crack whips and sing songs to celebrate “Chalandamarz” – and drop a big hint to winter. Find out here about our colourful tradition that aims to see off the cold season in exuberant style.

Away with you, evil winter spirits, and take the snow and cold with you so spring can come!

Arts and Culture

Top cultural events

Culture is all around – throughout the Engadin and all summer long. Take a look and join in!