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High altitude training with spectacular scenery


Running at St. Moritz

As soon as the warming rays of the summer sun transform the valley into an El Dorado for athletes, numerous top athletes use the power of the mountains to improve their performance. But amateur athletes also appreciate the Engadin as an "open-air fitness studio with a fountain of youth effect."

Those who set their sights high must head high – to at least 1,800 m above sea level. The lower atmospheric pressure and reduced oxygen levels at this altitude present a challenge to the whole body, with the result that sports enthusiasts can take advantage of a natural performance boost. The dry and stimulating alpine climate of the Upper Engadin, with an exceptionally high number of sunny days every year, ensures that anyone who plans to train in this magnificent high-altitude valley can look forward to perfect training conditions.

Registration & Reservations

To use the sporting facilities, please send a reservation enquiry to St. Moritz Sports & Events:
T +41 81 837 33 88.

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  • Swiss Olympic Traing Base
    Swiss Olympic Traing Base

    Top facilities thanks to the Swiss Olympic Training Base

    The Swiss Olympic Training Base in St. Moritz enjoys an optimal location at an altitude of 1,856 m, where top (inter)national athletes in all kinds of sports prepare for competition. The base’s partner, Klinik Gut in St. Moritz, is recognised as a “Sport Medical Base approved by Swiss Olympic,” so that expert sports medical advice and care are guaranteed.

    Whether athletes prefer to “sleep high, train low,” “sleep high, train high,” or “sleep low, train high,” all different altitude training variants are available thanks to a choice of mountain hotels such as “Muottas Muragl” (2,456 m), “Diavolezza” (2,978 m), and the many other accommodation options in the high valleys.

    Acclimatisation is the key

    But take note – responsible planning is fundamental to successful altitude training, as the body needs time to adjust to the new conditions. Whoever pursues the goal of “faster, higher, stronger” should acclimatise gently. Whatever training you undertake, take time to admire the glorious mountain scenery, dip your feet in the refreshing water of the many mountain lakes, and simply listen to the magical stillness of the forests.

    But once the body has become used to its new environment, visitors are spoilt for choice given the vast range of facilities and activities on offer in the Engadin. Options include targeted preparation for various competitions such as the Engadin Ultraks, Swissalpine Irontrail, St. Moritz Triathlon, or the Engadiner Sommerlauf; training along a tremendous variety of running trails, on the Vita Parcours or Helsana fitness trails, or on the high-altitude Finnenbahn woodchip trail at 2,500 m; or a full range of sports from rowing, sailing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing to road cycling, mountain biking, tennis, football, swimming, climbing, and various indoor sports. Here, the body can show all that it is capable of!

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