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Tips for planning hikes

Well prepared into hiking happiness.

Well prepared for a happy hike
The first step of any hike should be good planning and preparation. How demanding is the ascent to the sun terrace of the mountain restaurant? How sure-footed do I have to be to safely reach my hiking destination? Whether you are a casual walker or an ambitious long-distance hiker, here you will find the most important tips for choosing the right route including what you should not forget before you go and what you should pay attention to along the way so that nothing stands in the way of perfect hiking happiness.

Which hike suits me?
When choosing the perfect hike, you should take a look at the information on difficulty, duration, and ascent/descent, which you will find for each tour on our tour portal, as well as the official trail categories of the Swiss Hiking Trail Organization. On the way, pay attention to the colors of the signposts and get to know the difference between Hiking trails, Mountain Hiking trails, and Alpine Hiking trails.

Yellow signpost and rhombus - Hiking trail
Hiking trails often run on wide paths, but they can also be narrow and uneven. On steep passages there are steps and more dangerous spots are secured with railings. Hiking trails have no special requirements and are generally suitable for everyone.

Yellow signposts with white-red-white top, white-red-white markings - Mountain Hiking trail
Mountain Hiking trails run partly through impassable terrain and are mostly steep, narrow, and partly exposed. Ropes or chains are used to secure particularly difficult sections. Mountain hiking trails require surefootedness and good physical condition. In addition, you should have no fear of heights and be aware of the hazards in the mountains, such as falling rocks, the danger of slipping and falling, and rapid changes in the weather.

Blue signposts with white-blue-white top, white-blue-white markings - Alpine Hiking trail
Alpine Hiking trails may include snowfields, glaciers, slopes with stones and rocky debris, and sections through rocks with short climbs. There is not always a path and structural precautions cannot be assumed. Similar to Mountain HIking trails, you should be sure-footed, in good physical condition, as well as free from vertigo and well aware of mountain hazards. If you are still unsure which hike suits you, contact our Tourist Information. They will be happy to advise you.

Before you go
Have you found a hike that suits your interests, abilities, and fitness level? Then it is now time to make some specific preparations:

  • Wear comfortable, sturdy shoes appropriate for the hike and clothing appropriate for the weather. Also pack sun, wind, and rain protection, pocket first-aid kit, pocket knife, cell phone, hiking map (topographical hiking maps can be purchased at the tourist information office,) and enough food and drinks in your backpack.
  • Check weather forecasts, opening hours of restaurants or huts, where you might want to stop for refreshments, and public transportation stops and schedules, in case you are using such for parts of the hike or for your return home.
  • Inform family, friends, or acquaintances of your hiking destination and planned return time.

In the hiker's paradise
Welcome to the Engadin hiking dream. We hope you enjoy the fascinating flora and fauna as well as the breathtaking views to the fullest. Don't forget to take breaks now and then and to drink enough to stay well hydrated. Signposts will regularly inform you about the remaining time until you reach your destination. Stay on the marked trail and watch for changes in the weather. If your energy is declining or a trail is closed off, turn back or choose a suitable alternate route. And please keep the environment clean so that those who follow in your hiking footsteps can also enjoy the wonderful nature of the Engadin mountains.